The Eco-Schools program is an ideal way for schools to embark on a meaningful path towards improving the environment in both the school and the local community while at the same time having a life-long positive impact on the lives of young people, their families, school staff and local authorities.



BFIS receives the Green Flag! 

BFIS is very proud to announce that after three years of work (2018-21) the school officially holds the Green Flag designation. The Green Flag Award through Eco Schools is a visible indication of a school’s commitment to Learning for Sustainability and an internationally recognized accreditation for excellence in sustainable education. BFIS is one of the few international schools in Spain to obtain this recognition and it is a great sign of our commitment to a sustainable world.

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Goals for the School Year 2023-2024

The theme of this school year is BIODIVERSITY.

Our goals are: 


  • Educate students on sustainable goals focusing on biodiversity
  • Biodiversity audit of plants and animals on campus
  • Provide more green spaces within the school to promote sustainability and biodiversity
  • Clean up surrounding areas creating more diverse plant life around the school
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Our goals for this year 2023-2024 are related to the UN Goals for Sustainable Development Nº 14 and Nº 15

Megan Hillier, President of the BFIS Going Green Club

Interview with the President of the BFIS Going Green Club

The Going Green Club was created in 2018 by BFIS students, parents, and teachers. Since then the club has successfully achieved many goals and today BFIS is an eco-friendly school awarded with the Green Flag from the Eco-School organization.

The school has reduced paper consumption by 35%, banned single-use plastic, reduced cafeteria food waste, installed proper recycling bins all over, installed 90 solar panels, implemented meatless Wednesdays, and educated the whole school community about recycling and sustainable consumption.


Eco School Solar Pannels
The school installed 95 solar pannels

Past Goals and Achievements

Usually after two years of implementing the Eco-School program and reaching a high level of performance in complying with these all the required steps (sometimes national mandatory criteria also applies), schools can apply for and be awarded the Green Flag. Before receiving their first Green Flag, schools must be assessed by means of a visit. During the first three years prior to the Green Flard award, the school carried out various meaningful projects to improve the school environment and make it more ecologically sustainable.

Did you know? 

Goals and Achievements since 2018


Going Green Committee

The BFIS Going Green Committee is made up of a group of dedicated students, parents, teachers and administrators. If you are interested in hearing more about the Eco-Schools initiative and becoming a volunteer to help carry out our action plans, please register here.

Going Green Eco School

Green Movies

Explore a selection of eco-friendly movies that inspire environmental consciousness. These films cover various themes, including nature preservation, climate change awareness, and wildlife protection. Whether you’re watching alone or with your family, these movies provide compelling narratives that emphasize the importance of taking care of our planet.