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Our school is divided in two different campuses: Early Childhood (EC) and Elementary School (ES) Campus, and the Middle and High School (MS/HS) Campus

Starting in January 2021, with the inauguration of the new Middle School building,  the EC/ES Campus will be an EC/ES and MS Campus, leaving the High School Campus only with High School students.  



BFIS Early Childhood (EC) and Elementary School (ES) Campus is currently hosting students from Nursery to Grade 5. Starting in January 2021, once the new Middle School building is inaugurated, the EC/ES campus will also host Middle School students (Grades 6, 7 and 8) 

The EC/ES building was inaugurated in 2016. It is a student-centered design with flexible furniture that expects collaboration, creativity and critical thinking - an affront to traditional passive learning environments. You will see state of the art technology, teachers not just leading, but also facilitating the learning process, amid comfortable happy students. The Elementary school facilities are the backbone of a truly progressive 21st century education

The Elementary School campus has:

  • 16 classrooms with flexible seating
  • 1 Art classroom with clay oven
  • 12 offices 
  • 1 meeting room
  • a staff room
  • library K - Grade 5 
  • music room
  • computer lab
  • health center
  • sports court (now occupied by construction)
  • rooftop patio
  • blue playground
  • front playground (now occupied by construction)
  • a big cafeteria

Elementary Building 

Elementary Classrooms

Elementary Patio, Sport Court and Rooftop

Music Room


All School Cafeteria

All School auditorium (in MS/HS campus)

The MS/HS Campus is currently hosting 386 students from Grades 6 to 12. The building was renovated in 2011.

The MS/HS campus has:

  • MS/HS Library
  • Makerspace (built in 2017)
  • 2 new HS Science labs (built in 2014)
  • 25 classrooms
  • Art room
  • Garden playground
  • Sports court
  • Auditorium (built in 2014)
  • Outdoor eating area

New Middle School Building (January 2021)

Middle and High School Building (High School only, starting in January 2021)


Art Room

Gardens and Sports Court


MS/HS Library

Computer Lab and Science Labs

All School Cafeteria

All School Auditorium (in MS/HS campus)