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Message from the Head of School

Colin Boudreau Head of School Benjamin Franklin International School
Colin Boudreau
   Head of School 

Greetings from Benjamin Franklin International School:

It is an honor to welcome you to the website of BFIS, a school that was started in 1986, with the idea of offering an American education to an international community.  Since then, the school has grown into one of the leading international schools in Barcelona, Spain and Europe.  We house students from over 50 countries and the BFIS mission is clear: "Our purpose is to engage our diverse school community in the pursuit of educational excellence and success for all students."

Here at BFIS we take this mission very seriously and take great pride in the last four words, "success for all students".  This drives our priorities, our decision making and our direction.  In fact, in 2016, the BFIS community embarked on a strategic planning process that lasted an entire year and brought together all members of the community including teachers, students, parents, and the founders of the school.  The result of the strategic planning process will guide the work of our community for the next five years and focuses on four pillars:

Character : BFIS will provide opportunities that will strengthen and develop the character of our students, helping them to grow into well rounded and contributing members of society

Teacher Quality :  BFIS will recruit, evaluate, retain and develop top local and international talent in order to fulfill the mission of the school.

21st Century Curriculum : BFIS will offer and evaluate a 21st century curriculum ensuring students will be ready to excel in a changing world.

Community Engagement: The BFIS community (parents, students, alumni, staff) will interact to foster stronger relationships within an engaged school community.

These will be the cornerstones of our work together.  We'd invite you to explore our webpage, visit our school, or talk to our students. We have a vibrant atmosphere happening here at BFIS and we'd love you to be part of it.  

Feel free to contact any member of our team with questions or comments.  

Best Regards,

Colin Boudreau
Head of School