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Strategic Plan

BFIS  Strategic Plan

Four months of strategic planning kicked off with us listening closely to students from Grades 4-12 about what they valued about BFIS, what they felt was in need of upgrade, and what their  hopes and dreams were for the school. With this rich and wonderful information as a starting point, we then worked with our staff, board and parents to refine our Vision for Learning 2022-2025. It aims to build upon the fantastic education our students already receive and elevate what we do. 

We want our students to go out into the world and solve the problems that will define the future of human-kind and the planet. Challenges like economic and political instability, famine, conflict, physical and mental healthcare, inequality, mass migration, and perhaps, the driver or all other and most crucial, climate change. In September 2015, 193 world leaders ratified 17 Global Goals. Achieving Global Goals is the challenge of a new generation of young people. 

This is why our strategic Vision for Learning must meet the challenge of ...



...nurturing collaborative individuals connected to the world around them who are empowered to design innovative solutions to complex problems to create a better world. 

Over the next three years we will be refining, upgrading and adding to what we do as we action the goals of three Learning Pillars and strengthen  four Foundation Stones to ensure thar we can achieve the goals sustainably. 

Dive deeper into our three Learning Pillars


You can support our strategic Vision for Learning 2022-2025 through our Annual Giving Accelerator Projects and through our Capital Campaign which will be launched this Fall 2022.