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Teachers are the heart and soul of any school. At BFIS we are immensely proud of our staff who ensure that our school is a professionally satisfying place to learn, teach and work. That is why BFIS is dedicated to providing its community of educators  with a wide range  of professional development activities here at school (internal and external) to ensure they are on the leading edge of worldwide developments in best educational practices, technology, and the curriculum they deliver.BFIS teachers participate in workshops and conferences all over the world.

Barcelona is a wonderful city for both staff with families and who are traveling and working alone. It has something for everyone from the mountains to the ocean and from sports to arts and cultural activities. Barcelona has it all. With a fantastic public transport system staff can choose to walk, cycle or take the tram to work.

We warmly welcome you to apply to join our students and staff from more than 60 different countries speaking over 50 languages. 

Please see all of our current job postings at Schrole. 

Why BFIS is the right place for you

BFIS is always open to new ideas and strategies. It empowers staff to make a difference at the whole school and classroom level. There is a family feeling and as a staff member I always feel like I am supported, valued and listened to.  The staff and leadership care about me and how I am doing. This is the only learning community that I have worked in where the conversation on the hallways and at the coffee machine is about growth and learning. Staff are learners, students are learners and the school just keeps going from strength to strength because of the staff´s team work, comradery and above all else their commitment to students. This commitment is evident in everything we do."

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WE value diversity anD inclusion

BFIS is actively committed to employing a diverse workforce. We practice a full non-discriminatory policy in all school-administered programs and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender identity, national and ethnic origin, age, refugee status, disability, religion or sexual orientation in any our admissions, educational and employment policies, programs, and practices. Staff representing non-European cultures and heritages are encouraged to apply. Experience in International Education is not necessary. Simply, we are looking for great teachers that represent a diversity of experiences and viewpoints.

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