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After-School Activities

Extracurricular activities are a fun way to have new experiences, develop new talents, and build confidence and self-esteem. Students participating in after-school activities not only develop a different set of skills such as time management, team work, and dealing with new environments, but they also have the opportunity ot explores various interests they may have, getting involved in something in which they may really excel and enjoy.  BFIS is focused on growing our offer of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) activities. 

Important Note: 

Activities are filled on a first come, first served basis based on the timestamps of each registration received during the formal registration period which is announced each semester on the website and in the Weekly. All activities have minimum and maximum numbers of participants. BFIS reserves the right to close registration once we reach maximum numbers. BFIS reserves the right to cancel any activity due to low numbers of registrations.

All students enrolled in 1st Semester activities are automatically re-enrolled for 2nd Semester unless the Extracurricular Programs Coordinator is informedin writing of any changes before the deadline. 

2021-2022 Dates

  Team Sports After-School Activities Concertante Music Program

ASA & Team Sports Fair (ONLINE)

Thursday, Sept. 2, 5:00 pm Thursday, Sept. 2, 5:00 pm Thursday, Sept. 2, 5:00 pm 
Registration Sept. 3 (ONLINE at 9:00 am) through Sept. 9 (midnight) Sept. 3 (ONLINE at 9:00 am) through Sept. 9 (midnight) Sept. 3 (ONLINE at 9:00 am) through Sept. 9 (midnight)
Start Date Sep. 13, 2021 Sep. 20, 2021 Oct. 4
End of 1st Semester Jan. 28, 2022 Jan. 28, 2022 monthly, ongoing
Registration 2nd Semester Jan. 17-21, 2022 Jan. 17-21, 2022 monthly, ongoing
Start of 2nd Semester Jan. 31, 2022 Jan. 31, 2022 monthly, ongoing
End of 2nd Semester June 3, 2022 June 10, 2022 June 17, 2022