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Summer Program

BFIS offers students different option depending on their grade level. Please take a look at all the different summer programs  offered for summer 2020

BFIS Science & Adventure Summer Overnight Camp 

Ages: 7 to 12
Location: La Molina
Price: 600€ (includes all activities plus room and board)
The new location: Alberg de la Molina XANASCAT
Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
From Sunday, July 12th to Saturday July 18th


SCIENCE: Morning activities designed to awaken children´s natural creativity and interest in how our world worlds. Learning science through hands-on experiences with Dani Jimenez (Workshops will include Robotics, 3D printing, and Drones)

ADVENTURE: Afternoon activities to take advantage of the natural environment will include horseback riding, swimming in the pool daily, boating on the lakes, rides on the cable car, etc...

LANGUAGES: Morning science workshops will be in Spanish and Catalan with English speaking assistants. Afternoon activities will always take place with English speaking guides and assistants.

PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS: In addition to BFIS, during the same week at La Molina there will also be students from Barcelona Schools at the hotel and doing the same activities but separated by groups. 

HOTEL: Rooms for 4 students with own bathroom, indoor spaces for activities and to relax, lots of nature to explore around the hotel, balanced meals with special attention to dietary needs or restrictions and allergies, pool.

DANI JIMENEZ: Presenter of the children´s science television program Dynamiks and creator of the science experiments and content, writes experiments for the children´s magazine Muy Interesante. Holds degrees in Natural Science, Education, and History of Science.

ORGANIZING PARTNER: Club Elements (organizer of all BFIS colonias and buddy trips). Students will be accompanied by BFIS staff.

Registration BFIS Science and Adventure Summer Overnight Camp

Registration will remain open until June 25th with no financial commitment. Then we will confirm that we have enough students signed up, and to confirm your child's place, payment will be due June 30th. The cost for the camp, including all costs, bus transportation, hotel, meals, and all activities is 600€ and payment plans can be arranged through the Business Office. 

If you are interested in reserving a space (with no commitment and no registration fee), fill out the form here below so we can have an idea of the number of interested families. Please note that is not the same program or format as the academic Summer School on campus that is being considered for the younger Elementary grades.

This will be a great opportunity for your children to reconnect with their friends and with nature and learn about science in the process, especially if travel abroad will be limited this summer. We are eager and excited to provide this service to our students and families. As soon as we have more specific information we will share it with you so that you can make family plans accordingly. In the interim, if you have any questions, please send an email to


BFIS reserves the right to close registration once we reach maximum numbers. BFIS reserves the right to cancel camp due to low numbers of registrations. Only in this case will BFIS refund any fees.

Registration will remain open until June 25th with no financial commitment.

Non-BFIS Families:

This camp is only open to enrolled BFIS families. 

Billing Policy

Please read carefully our Summer Program Billing Policy 

Click on this link: Summer Billing Program Policy 

Behaviour and Discipline Procedures

The Behavior Policy and Discipline Procedures was created with the collaboration and input of the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School Administrations as well as the Head of School. Please read the policy with your child before attending our Summer Camp.

Summer Camp Behavior Policy 

Contact Information

For questions, please send an email:

Summer School

Type: Academic Extension Program
Location: BFIS Campus
Ages: Grades Nursery through 2nd Grade
Dates: Friday, June 19th - Friday, July 3
Schedule: 9:00-13:00
Price: Free


What should students bring for the day?

The government recommends that students bring as little as possible to school and as few belongings as possible and limit items traveling from home to school and from school to home. That said, students should bring: 

  • One face mask, and a Ziplock bag with the name of the student for storage when not in use.
  • Large water bottle, labeled with the name, with enough water to last the day (students cannot refill the bottles during school hours or on-campus).
  • A packed snack in a disposable bag. Snacks must be ready to eat since teachers will not be able to open or cut or serve any part of the snack (and nothing that requires heating). Please do not pack snacks in reusable containers, but in disposable plastic bags that can be thrown away (this is not environmentally friendly but it is what is recommended to avoid cross-contamination).
  • Students should already be wearing sunscreen and mosquito spray. Teachers will not be able to apply it on them. 
  • Sun hats, jackets, sweaters, etc. only if necessary due to weather conditions. The fewer students bring to school, the safer we will all be.
  • Please see the supply list below.
Arrival Expectations

In general:

  • All movement around and within the building is to happen with the expected 2 meters distance.
  • Children and staff are not to be in school if they show any symptoms of illness and must be symptom-free for 48 hours before returning.
  • While we did think staggered arrival and departure times would be necessary, we have determined that there is enough space for everyone to arrive at once. 
  • Students in Nursery should be dropped off at the gate on Martorell i Peña 
  • Pre-Kindergarten students should go to the side gate (by the court) on Santissima Trinidad.
  • Parents will be asked to wait in line by grade while observing social distancing. 
  • Please do not leave your child until the staff has finished taking the temperature. If the temperature is high, it will need to be retaken 5 minutes later and/or the child will need to go home.
  • Students may not enter the building before their arrival time.
  • Students must follow the walk patterns established on campus and by the teacher in each classroom.
  • Dismissal /Pick up is at the same locations
  • Parents, please prepare your children in advance by letting them know that they will not be in the ES Building, that they may not be with the same classmates, and that they must follow health procedures on campus.
  • Dismissal /Pick up is at the same locations
  • Nursery students may be picked up in the entrance gate on Martorell i Peña.  One parent at a time may come on campus to honor the 2 meter social distancing.
  • Pre-Kindergarten parents may pick their child up at the side gate on Santissima Trinidad.  Parents will not need to come on campus. 
  • For Kinder -2nd grade, we ask that parents wait outside the MSHS campus and as the teachers see you, they will release your child.
School Materials

In order to keep our children safe, we are asking students to bring their own materials.   We have included supplies that we hope you all have at home.  These supplies can be brought in next week.  We recognize that you may need time to gather these materials.  Thank you.

  • We ask that each student should bring a labeled pencil case that will be left at school for the full 2 weeks with the following items:



                 -Crayons and/or colored pencils


                 -Glue sticks

  • Nursery and PreKindergarten students should pack one change of clothes to be left at school 
Student Expectations
  • Children enter the building without parents at their assigned entrance door.
  • The nurse and/or teacher will take the children’s temperature at the entrance of the Early Childhood building and/or Middle School/High School.
  • Children must sanitize hands before entering the building.
  • Children must adhere to the 2-meter rule when entering and exiting the building and as they travel through the building.
  • Children must follow the walk flow pattern when entering the campus and in each classroom.
  • Students should bring a pre-filled water bottle, a snack, and class materials.  All school materials stay at school; no other home materials should be brought to school. 
  • A packed snack in a disposable bag. Snacks must be ready to eat since teachers will not be able to open or cut or serve any part of the snack (and nothing that requires heating). Please do not pack snacks in reusable containers, but in disposable plastic bags that can be thrown away (this is not environmentally friendly but it is what is recommended to avoid cross-contamination).
  • Students must wash hands before and after the use of school supplies and materials. 
  • Please ensure that your child wears a face mask to school.
  • In order for these arrangements to work well, it is really important for students. and parents to stick to these expectations and times as much as possible.
  • Any students who cannot respect social distancing and have behavioral issues that affect the health and safety of anyone on campus will be sent home and will not be able to attend the rest of summer school.


Movement of All People In, Out and Throughout the Building

All movement of students around and within the building is to be supervised by an adult and adhere to the expected two meters distance. When students are moving around the building, they need to be taught the following expectations. These expectations must then be reinforced consistently by all teachers.

They include:

  • Everyone washes hands before moving to another section of the school.
  • Move on the right when moving up and down the stairs and through the hallways.
  • Hold onto the banister when moving up and down the stairs.
  • Move up and down the stairs one step at a time.
  • Stay one step apart on the stairs.
  • Keep hands and bodies to him/herself.
  • Use the assigned toilet and sink.
  • One child at a time uses their assigned toilet.
  • Children must wash hands after using the toilet.
  • Use of the elevator is only for medical conditions provided with doctor’s notes.
  • Anyone using the elevator must sanitize hands before entering the elevator .
  • Maximum capacity in the elevator: 1 adult only and 1 adult may accompany only 1 child at a When exiting the elevator, hands must be sanitized.
Outdoor Play

Student Expectations for Outdoor Play

  • Students are expected to follow the school rules and cooperate when instructed and directed.
  • Students are expected to adhere to all new procedures so the school can follow the guidelines for health and safety.
  • Students will need to wear masks if they are not following the 2 meter distance expectations.
  • Students who struggle to meet the new expectations may not be permitted on the playground.
  • Students must maintain a two meter distance when playing.
  • Football or any ball play is not permitted during this time.
  • Children will be able to play on the playground equipment.

Other Summer Extension Programs 

IB Summer Session

We are proud to announce that BFIS will be offering a complimentary and voluntary summer session program for year 1 IB students to consolidate their work from the past six months. We have been working on this since this pandemic began as some students may feel anxious about their courses and could benefit from this opportunity for review.  Although the summer session is not required, with the unusual semester we have faced together, we have designed this opportunity for any students who would like a bit more time understanding the material in order to feel confident going into year 2.

The courses offered are:

Week one:  June 19- 26. 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 




Math A/A


Week two:  June 29- July 3  10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 



Global Politics 

Registration: Contact Ms. Laura Blair  

Open to current BFIS families only.

Requirements for students to return to the BFIS campus are the same ones that stated in the Overview Section (above)

Online Math Program

We have created a wonderful opportunity for your children to consolidate their math skills from this academic year after what has been a very unique semester. We understand that the online situation has been challenging for some students and we wanted them to be able to feel comfortable and confident as they head into the new academic year. Our BFIS teachers will be offering math classes each day for one week throughout the summer for your child to consolidate their learning.  

We are offering this live online math week to all BFIS students free of charge. As mentioned, it is designed to consolidate work from the past six months.  Any student who feels they would like a bit more time understanding the material they have been taught this academic year, or would like to be pushed, is welcome to attend.  The teachers teaching these online courses also teach these grades throughout the school year so they are aware of the skills and abilities that are necessary for students to strengthen as they prepare themselves for the next academic year.

If you would like your child to join the class for the week, please click on the link beside your child's current grade and sign them up for the summer session.  The deadline for signup is June 10th, 2020.  Students will need access to a computer and the internet to complete this coursework.  

We acknowledge this has been challenging for students all around the world.  We hope this helps sharpen skills that students sometimes lose during the summer holidays. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are here for support.


IB Year 1 : IB Summer Program IB Summer Course Set Up

(Teacher: Isabel Vives)


Grade 10: June 29 - July 3 

9:00 to 12:00  (Sign Up Here)

(Teacher: Andreia Abecasis) 


Grade 9:    June 22- 26th  

9:00 to 12:00   (Sign Up Here)

(Teacher: Raelene Gibson)


Grade 8: June 22 - June 26  

9:00 to 12:00 (Sign Up Here)

(Teacher: Andreia Abecasis) 


Grade 7 - June 22 - June 26  

9:00 AM - 12:00 noon (Sign Up here)

(Teacher: Desiree Daring ) 


Grade 6 - June 29 - July 3  

9:00 AM - 12:00 noon  (Sign Up Here)

(Teacher: Desiree Daring ) 


Grade 5 - June 29 - July 3  

9 AM - 11:00 (Sign Up Here)

(Teacher:  Meritxell Lucini) 


Grade 4 - June 29 - July 3 

10 AM - 12 noon (Sign Up Here)

(Teacher: Jenny Harter) 


Grade 3 - June 22 - June 26 

10 AM - 12 noon  (Sign Up Here)

(Teacher: Jenny Harter ) 


health and safety protocols

Please read carefully the Health and Safety Protocols for all programs running at BFIS Campus 

Illness and Fever Guidelines

Students who show any sign of illness may not come to school

Please do not send your child to school:

  • If your child exhibits symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever or cough or difficulty breathing or sudden loss of smell or taste, muscle aches, sore throat, headache chills, diarrhea, and vomit or other symptoms according to the government website) up to 48 hours after the symptoms end.
  • If your child has been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by a medical professional or a local public health official.
  • If any member of the household has symptoms of Covid-19 (fever or cough or difficulty breathing or sudden loss of smell or taste, muscle aches, sore throat, headache chills, diarrhea, and vomit or other symptoms according to the government website), or has been placed in isolation due to Covid-19 (case or contact).
  • If your child or any member of the household is being tested for COVID-19
  • If your child has a temperature of 37.5ºC or higher until at least 48 hours after they no longer have a fever without the use of fever-reducing medicine.
What if a student is unwell during the day?

When your child exhibits symptoms associated with COVID-19 at school, that is fever along with cough or difficulty breathing or sudden loss of smell or taste or muscle aches, sore throat, headache, chills, diarrhea and vomit or other symptoms according to the government website):

  • They shall be isolated in a room provided for this purpose and wear a procedure mask.
  • The school nurse will care for the child until the parents come to get the child.
  • Parents are expected to be present within 60 minutes once they’ve been contacted by the Nurse. In the event a parent is unable to collect their child, we will contact the emergency contact we have on file.
  • The personal objects of students with symptoms would be handed over to the parents in a fabric or plastic bag; we strongly recommend that you follow the government guidelines and contact your doctor to arrange for testing.
  • In the event that the results are positive, you will need to follow the guidelines of the government in regard to quarantine and self-isolation for the family. The student may not return to school earlier than the minimum quarantine requirement even if the student is feeling well. The length of quarantine is 14 days from the onset of symptoms.
  • If the symptoms extend longer than 14 days, then you should remain in quarantine until you are 48 hours symptom-free.
  • In the event that the results are negative, students must be symptom and fever-free for 48 hours or longer, with a medical certificate, before returning to school.
  • On return to school following an absence due to an illness or isolation, students must be checked at the nurse's office immediately upon arrival to school, before going to the classroom.
  • Students who arrive with fever, temperature over 37.5 C or have taken fever-reducing medication will not be given access to the classroom, and parents will be notified to pick up their child immediately.
  • When your child returns to school, he/she must be fit enough to participate in all activities. The exception to the rule:
    If there is a restriction from some activity (recess or PE),  a doctor's note must be provided explaining the condition and for how long the child will need to be excused.
Hands Washing

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing Expectations

Students are required to wash their hands:

  • upon arrival in the morning and before departure each day
  • before and after eating
  • before and after using the toilet
  • after coughing, sneezing or wiping the nose
  • before and after different activities that take place during the day
  • before touching the face (eyes, nose, and mouth)
  • after playing on the courts or patio area


Respiratory Etiquette

Respiratory Etiquette and Expectations

Students are required to:

  • cover their mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze, through the use of tissues or the crook of their elbow.
  • use single-use tissues
  • immediately discard used tissues in the trash can
  • avoid touching their mouth or eyes


Face Coverings

Students must wear nose to mouth face masks or covering, we strongly advise their use:

  • When traveling to and from school and when using public transport.
  • Moving on campus and in all areas of the school. This includes corridors, classrooms, bathrooms, drop off and pick up points.
  • Students may remove their face coverings in the classrooms if teacher permission has been granted and when students and teachers are social distancing with 2-meters apart.
  • Students are required to keep their face coverings on at the end of school until they have completely left the campus.

School Hygiene Procedures
  • There has been a deep cleaning of all classrooms and shared spaces. There have been additional measures put into place such as daily cleaning of handrails, door handles, bathrooms

  • These measures will be intensified with additional cleaning personnel during the school day.

  • All toys must be washed and or disinfected twice daily. If they cannot be washed they must be packed away

  • Children’s personal toys must stay at home. IPADs, laptops, and mice are not to be shared and will be wiped before and after use.

  • Teachers must disinfect workspaces (i. computer, mouse, door handles) and any other classroom surface areas, door handles, and materials used by children (as needed). 

  • Teachers must ventilate the classrooms several times a day for 10 minutes at a time (at minimum) and whenever possible leave the classroom door and windows open to ventilate the rooms for longer periods of time. 

  • Teachers may not use personal water bottles or coffee mugs at the water fountains, water jugs and/or vending machines. 


  • Staff members will receive the following from the school nurse
    • Masks
    • Hand sanitizers
    • Protective face shields
    • Disinfectant wipes 
    • Gloves
    • Boxes of single use tissue
    • Course on Keeping staff and students SAFE and HEALTHY, COVID19 and read the Prevention Plan for All School-workers
  • The school has also purchased these additional supplies:
    • Masks 
    • Disinfectant 
    • Infrared non-contact thermometers
    • Disinfectant wipes 
    • Disposable gloves 
    • Pedal dustbins
    • Thermal cameras
    • Protective face shields (donation)
School Nurse Office

Visits to the nurse office are really only for sick children or staff who truly need help. 

Only 3 students will be allowed in the nurse office at any given time (one on the bed and 2 on the chair 1,5 – 2 meters apart).

Teachers will wait outside with a 1.5-2m distance if their presence is not absolutely necessary.

The nurse will send a daily list to the administrative assistants in EC/ES and MSHS to inform them of any students that must first get a medical clearance before returning to school.

Other Summer Camps Recommended by BFIS

Tech Scouts by Harbour Space

Tech Scouts by Harbour Space
Ages: 12-18 years old
Dates: 6 July - 17 July 2020

Tech Scouts Summer Camp is a 2-week accelerated learning program in Barcelona, where teenagers from around the world come together to reimagine what the future of business and technology looks like.

Powered by Harbour Space University and led by top industry experts, students learn how to apply key math, design, coding, and leadership skills to real world experiences, and gain the confidence and knowledge needed to start preparing for the jobs of the future. It’s a great opportunity for engaged students to step out of their usual curriculum and learn about exciting, technology-related topics. 

Watch the video recap of Tech Scouts 2019!

During the camp, students will create projects inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, working collectively using technology and innovation to solve today's problems.

We are offering a 15% discount for all BFIS students. For more information and to register:  


TELEPHONE: +34 931 439 136 / +34 671 498 303

Summer Fencing

Fencing Summer Camp
SAM Esgrima Barcelona
Ages: 6-14 year olds
Dates: TBC

Spend the summer learning or improving fencing skills in this first-rate training facility. Students new to fencing will be introduced to all of the necessary skills to be able to compete against each other. Returning students will work on improving their skills and techniques to improve their competition skills. In addition to fencing skills, the SAM team encourages fencing students to work on important values including respect, healthy competition, effort, and cooperation.

For more information and to register:
EMAIL: coordinacio@esgrimasam.orgTELEPHONE: 932 04 08 19

Sports at Sanchez Casal

Sports in English 

Sanchez-Casal Academy
Ages: 3-17 year olds
Dates: TBC

Children will have a blast doing tons of sports on an amazing campus with English and Spanish speaking coaches. Choose from a great selection of programs, either Multi Sports or a variety of individual sport programs including Tennis Intensive, Padel Intensive, and Horseback Riding. The Junior Program for older students also includes carting and scuba diving lessons.

More info: Sanchez Casal Summer Camp 
To register: Registration Form 

Concertante Music Academy

Concertante Music Academy
Ages: 3-13
Dates: TBC

Children will learn to enjoy music through a variety of workshops based on their age and level, including musical initiation, tales and musical games, children’s operetta, orchestral, and music instrumental groups and singing choirs. Open to all levels of music experience.

For more information:


Young Scientists Summer Camp

Young Scientists
Elastic Training
Ages 6-11
Dates: 29 June - 3 July, 6 July - 10 July, 13 July - 17 July

Students will explore, play and learn Science through English in a very hands-on, fun STEAM environment: they will explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths in a very experimental meaningful way. Whether it's discovering photosynthesis by creating a biodome, experimenting with gravity while building a rocket, or learning about forces by building their own amusement park, children will have plenty of summer fun being young scientists!

More info: