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High School


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The goal of our program is to provide learners with an educational experience that emphasizes critical thinking within a balanced program of academic, social and emotional learning. 

Language, Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Physical Education and Wellness classes provide a comprehensive program for students. Electives provide them with opportunities to study French as an additional language, Digital Media, Art or Drama.  Please see our complete course description on the right hand side bar.

Our aim is to nurture lifelong learners with a strong foundation of academic skills, critical and creative thinking, to inspire them to be independent learners and to prepare them well to succeed beyond BFIS. Our graduates receive offers of acceptances from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities worldwide


English courses at BFIS are designed to actively engage students in critical thinking, precise writing, powerful speaking, and careful reading. The English Team inspires students to see themselves as both writers and thinkers in their own right, endeavoring to engage them daily in thoughtful, creative, and intellectual expression. Students are given substantial responsibility for independent thought and work—they will lead class discussions, develop writing topics, and propose activities of their own. By examining texts of wide-ranging voices, genres, and periods, students will expand their international, multicultural perspective on the human experience. Furthermore, students are expected to engage formally and informally in integrated complementary experiences as readers, speakers, listeners and writers. They will be expected to complete assignments and assessments, including oral presentations, personal essays, creative writing, and independent reading.


Through an inquiry-based learning approach, students, both individually and cooperatively, explore the concepts of math under the teachers's guidance, using the resources from the Connected Math Project (CMP3) aligned to the Common Core Standards in preparation for th IB program in later years. It is intended to provide students with the tools for independent thinking and active learning in a motivating atmosphere so as to guarantee successful math experience and competency, which are necessary for further secondary and post-secondary pursuits.

Students are required to take three years of Mathematics classes, regardless of the number of Mathematics credits they may have accumulated prior to and during their experience at BFIS


At all grade levels an emphasis is placed on the idea that scientific explanations are based on logical thinking, subject to rules of evidence, and are consistent with observational and experimental evidence. The approach is, to the greatest extent possible, to provide concrete, manipulative experiences involving practical problem solving. 

Students explore the physical, life, and earth and space sciences by engaging in the science and engineering practices, which include: asking questions and defining problems, developing and using models, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, using mathematics and computational thinking, constructing explanations and designing solutions, engaging in argument from evidence, and obtaining evaluating, and communicating information. 

Written and oral communication and teamwork are encouraged at every stage. Through the integration of science with other disciplines, students are encouraged to consider the impact of science and technology on society and are made aware of the limitations of science.

The Coordinated Science Program is divided equally between Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth/Space subjects, and supported by laboratory experiments. IN Grade 9 all students participate in the Annual Science Fair. 

Social Studies

The Social Studies Team believes that the study of the past must be meaningfully connected to present events, problems and trends.  The goal of the Team is to prepare students to navigate and shape a world that is dynamic, laden with information, and globally interdependent.

To this end, students develop the analytic, investigative and communicative skills on which knowledge is built, shared and critiqued within social sciences disciplines.  Students are trained to critically consume information, pose thoughtful and complex questions, effectively locate, evaluate and synthesize information and communicate learning using a variety of media.  Instructional strategies are designed to be highly participatory and to maximize the strengths of each student as well as to address some of the values of the IB learner profile.

Grade 9 History: US History

Grade 10 History: 1900-Post World War II



In the ESO years, the courses are based on the Spanish official program contents for 3º and 4º ESO. The objective of these two courses is for students to write essays and analyze literary texts from the linguistic as well as literary perspective. In Literature, they are exposed to an overview of Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Students are required to continue taking all three Spanish Regular Program subjects (Spanish Lengua y Literatura, Historia de España and Catalán) in 9th and 10th grade in addition to the High School classes in order to earn the ESO certificate in the Spanish system.


World Languages

Students are required to take Spanish each year. 

French is an elective beginning in grade 6 

Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL)

For the 9th and 10th grade student, the following SFL classes are available based on student needs.





In addition,

Spanish Catalan Studies 9 (one year)

Spanish Catalan Studies 10 (one year)


French as a Foreign Language

French 9 (one year)

French 10 (pre-IB French) (one year)


PE and Wellness

Physical Education (PE)

The Physical Education Program promotes lifelong physical activity. Students meet once a week at nearby Can Caralleu sports complex and are introduced to a myriad of individual, team, and recreational activities. A wide variety of sports are offered. Many units are expanded upon each year to develop more understanding, higher individual or team play, and hopefully an interest to continue to pursue physical activity beyond their school years.


High School Wellness Course is a series of lecture-speaker sessions focusing on specific areas, including goal-setting, stress/anxiety management, community service, relationships and sexual health, social/emotional issues, nutrition, introduction to college admissions, mindfulness, etc. Wellbeing classes also include a wide array of career speaker guests. 

Spanish Program

Many BFIS students, including Spanish students, also follow the Spanish Regular Program to validate studies at BFIS to the Spanish equivalent (Primaria, ESO and Bachillerato). This Dual Program is comprised of the American Program subjects and three required subjects from the Spanish Official Curriculum:

  • Lengua española (Spanish)
  • Catalán
  • Historia de España/Sociedad subjects.

The Dual Program allows BFIS students to graduate with both the American High School Diploma and the Spanish Bachillerato Diploma.

The Spanish Elementary Degree (Primaria: grades 1 -6 ) is granted automatically by the Spanish/Catalan government with proof of having completed school requirements as well as the three Spanish subjects. For the ESO (Enseñanza Secundaria Obligatoria: grades 7 -10) as well as for the Bachillerato Degree (grades  11 and 12),  students must satisfactorily complete BFIS requirements as well as the three Spanish required subjects.

Student Support Services

Learning Support
All students should have the opportunity, instruction, guidance and support necessary to succeed in school and maximize their individual academic, social and emotional potential. We believe that all students must be active participants, at the center of the learning process, in an environment that encourages them to pursue their dreams. Students that qualify for Learning Support at BFIS have mild to moderate learning differences and the aptitude to meet curriculum and assessment requirements.

Our counselors at High School help students develop the understanding, strategies and skills that support a positive sense of self, promote respectful relationships and build student capacity to recognize and manage their own emotions. Academic counseling is also available to all students to help them understand their individual strengths, to set goals, and to assist them in planning an appropriate program of studies. Counselors, teachers and parents will work together to support and encourage all students in reaching their full potential.

College Counseling 
Our College Counseling program is structured and specifically designed to help our students succeed in the college admission process in the US, Spain, UK and any country in both hemispheres.  Our counselors will help our students navigate the process and stay on track, increasing their chances of getting into their top-choice college.