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Learning Support


All students should have the opportunity, instruction, guidance and support necessary to succeed in school and maximize their individual academic, social and emotional potential. We believe that all students must be active participants, at the center of the learning process, in an environment that encourages them to pursue their dreams. Students that qualify for Learning Support at BFIS have mild to moderate learning differences and the aptitude to meet curriculum and assessment requirements.


Students who receive learning support have a one page report called a learning summary that gives basic information about individual students, their strengths and challenges, accommodations and other classroom suggestions.  These also include SMART Goals and follow through for parents. Students that qualify for accommodations can receive them in the classroom to allow them access to the grade level curriculum.

In order to promote the least restrictive and most inclusive environment, our specialists push-in to a variety of classes. We assist both individual students and small groups, and we work with our teachers to promote effective teaching strategies to achieve agreed-upon goals. Based on individual learner profiles, specialists may provide direct, small group instruction to build on student strengths and focus on their needs.