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Talent Development

maryann woods-murphy​ ​

To carry out this program at BFIS, the school hired the Talent Development International Specialist, Maryann Woods-Murphy. 

Maryann engages the full BFIS community through:

  • Class visitations
  • Teacher and support staff meetings
  • Meetings with BFIS families and with individual students
  • Three focus groups for elementary, middle and high school students on “ways we learn best and obstacles to learning.”
  • Presentations to the faculty, parents and the Board 
  • Meetings with senior leadership to analyze the data collected from parent and staff meetings that focused on “How might we best support a talent development lens at BFIS?”
  • The creation of a Teacher Talent Team involving 13 innovative BFIS professionals
  • Opportunities for students through an after school Quest program