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Talent Development

Parent Sessions 2019-2020

Student Talent Development Program 1) "How to Grow your Child's Talents": The session focused on ways parents can use language to help their child take on difficult challenges and enjoy solving problems in school and life. Parents commented that the learning not only related to their children, but also to their own lives! Here is the presentation in a pdf version.

2) “Profiles of the Gifted and Talented”: Have you ever thought that some of the behaviors you see in your child were actually evidence of a talent that you could help develop - if only you knew how? “Profiles of the Gifted and Talented” is a participatory workshop, being offered for the second time to new BFIS families.

maryann woods-murphy​ ​

To carry out this program at BFIS, the school hired the Talent Development International Specialist, Maryann Woods-Murphy. 

Maryann engages the full BFIS community through:

  • Class visitations
  • Teacher and support staff meetings
  • Meetings with BFIS families and with individual students
  • Three focus groups for elementary, middle and high school students on “ways we learn best and obstacles to learning.”
  • Presentations to the faculty, parents and the Board 
  • Meetings with senior leadership to analyze the data collected from parent and staff meetings that focused on “How might we best support a talent development lens at BFIS?”
  • The creation of a Teacher Talent Team involving 13 innovative BFIS professionals
  • Opportunities for students through an after school Quest program