Take Action

Get involved

BFIS aspires to develop our students as change-makers, solving real-world challenges, and imagining new realities. 


We call on YOU, the empowering supporters of our students, to align yourselves with project areas that are meaningful to you. 


Our staff team is growing…check back here soon to find teaching leaders who will point collaborations in the right direction.

Our current Take Action for Impact areas:

Sustainable Food and Farming 

Robotics and Technology 

Impact Investment & Social Entrepreneurship

Language Acquisition, Bilingualism/Multilingualism 

Active Lifestyles 

Creativity and the Arts

Social Justice & Poverty Alleviation


Kyra Kellawan, Director of Development

Kyra Kellawan

Director of Development

Scott Hemsey

Global Citizenship and Action Leader

Let us know which areas are of interest to you as community members to help us take actions that are long-term, meaningful, and unique to BFIS. Please take this 1-minute survey to help us get to know you.