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The Application Process

How can I apply?

Families may begin the application process by submitting an Inquiry for information or by submitting an online Application here

When should I apply?

BFIS has a rolling admissions process, meaning that applications are processed all year round. We encourage parents to apply in the Fall for a September entry and recommend having completed Step 1 (all checklist items completed) and Step 2 (assessments/observation made) by February 1st. 

What is the application process?

Please review our 4-step application process here.

How do I pay for the application fee?

Application fees may be paid by bank transfer or with credit/debit card through our website here. Application fees are non-refundable, charged per prospective student, and are valid for two consecutive school years.  

How long does the application process take?

All applications will be processed within two weeks once all required documents have been submitted and assessments/observation administered.

Can we visit BFIS?

If you'd like to visit our campus, please contact our Admissions Office at indicating the dates and times which are convenient for your family. We will do our best to accommodate your request.


What is the cutoff date for Nursery-Kindergarten children?

Children must turn 3, 4, or 5 years of age by the 31st of December. Students entering Nursery must be toilet-trained. 

Languages at BFIS

If my child does not speak English can I still apply? 

Yes. BFIS has an EAL Program (English as an Additional Language). Students entering from grades Nursery - 2nd grade may come in with no English skills. After 2nd grade, the applicant must be assessed and meet the language requirements.

My child does not speak Spanish. Will this be a problem? 

No. BFIS has a Spanish as an Additional Language Program where Spanish is taught as a foreign language. Starting in Kindergarten, beginner Spanish is offered at all grade levels. Spanish for native/fluent speakers is also offered. 

What other languages are offered at BFIS?

French is offered as an elective from Grade 6 onwards, starting at beginner's level in Grade 6. 

Catalan is offered to native/near-native Spanish speakers starting in Grade 1

Languages in the IBDP

BFIS offers self-taught literature SL for those students wishing to maintain fluency in their native language. 

How long is the school day?

Nursery through 5th grade students need to be in school by 8:35 am. Middle School and High School students need to be in school by 8:50 am. Some IBDP classes begin at 8:00 am. The school day ends at 4:00 pm for all students, except on Wednesdays when classes end up at 3:00 pm. Please visit our website for more information on schedules:

*COVID-19 SCHOOL PROTOCOLS: Please note that due to government-approved COVID-19 school protocols, arrival and dismissal times starting September 2020 have changed and are staggered. 

Is there school transportation?

Yes. Parents may sign up for school transportation at an additional cost.

Check the School Bus Section on our website here.  

Is there an After-School Program?

Yes. A number of after-school activities are offered at BFIS. For more information please click here.

Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer and become involved in school life?

Yes. BFIS welcomes active parents who want and are willing to share their time and talents. Also, the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) organizes many activities during the year. The PTA warmly welcomes parents to join this association. This is a great opportunity for parents to participate in class activities, field trips, fundraisers and school-wide committees.

What is the class size?

Generally, Nursery has up to 15 students per class and Pre-Kindergarten has up to 18 students per class. Elementary School (ES) grades (Kindergarten through 5th grade) generally have from 18 to 22 students per class. Classes in Middle School and High School generally have from 15 to 20 students.

Is there a summer program?

Summer school information is usually published on our website around April-May.

Do you offer boarding facilities?

No, BFIS does not offer boarding facilities. 

Does BFIS have a wait pool?

There are times when we do not have enough space at a given grade to accommodate all qualified applicants. These qualified applicants join our wait pool for that grade. When a seat becomes available the Admissions team will review all wait pooled candidates taking into account the admissions criteria and the Admissions Policy. If a seat does not become available by the beginning of the school year, then the application must be updated with the most recent academic records and teacher questionnaires. 

Does BFIS accept students with special learning needs?

BFIS offers a limited program for students with mild to moderate special learning needs. Each student is considered on a case-by-case basis. To determine if a child meets requirements they should submit an application as early as possible and send a recent psycho-educational assessment/report and other pertinent records regarding past individualized/educational plans and services. Please visit our Learning Support page for more information.  

BFIS Community

Who attends BFIS?

Students at BFIS come from 55+ countries, representing

  • 25% US/American
  • 30% Spanish, and
  • 45% from other nationalities.

This mix of students drives the enrollment process at BFIS and places great importance on the multi-cultural benefits of our learning environment. 


How many students attend BFIS?

BFIS has approximately 650 to 700 students. Approximately, by division

  • Early Childhood and Elementary (Nursery through Grade 5) have 270 students
  • Middle School has 170 students
  • High School/IBDP  240 students.