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New Families


It is important to us that new families feel a part of our community as soon as possible, providing a quick and easy transition for students and parents. To meet this goal, BFIS provides a Welcome Program designed to help new students and their families make early connections within our friendly and inclusive community. Once you arrive, you’ll become part of it.

"Excellent welcome program, we especially liked the pre school, during holiday buddy introduction. It provided all three kids the chance to get to know someone before the first days of school, plus explore the city and their surrounds. Again the best orientation/buddy program we have been involved with." (Ford Family)
"Definitely a highlight for our 2 girls! It made them feel very welcome and reduced much anxiety!"(Forer Family)

Please visit our website regarding COVID19 protocols and healthy measures for "School reopening" below:  

Welcome Letter from BFIS Head of School and Associate Head of School

Versión en español

Dear New BFIS Family,

It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to your family. We are excited to meet you and your children in person.  We are living during exceptional times and despite the challenges presented by COVID19, our school will continue with greater compassion and resolve to meet our greater purpose.  Our mission is to engage our diverse school community in the pursuit of educational excellence and success for all students and this is our commitment to you. 

All beginnings can be nerve-wracking, yet filled with so much promise and inspiration.  This year, our work as parents, educators, students, and neighbors must be much more intentional and critical.  As we breathe life into our school’s mission, it has never been more important to be deliberate in teaching our children that strength lies in our connection, inclusiveness, and diversity.   

At BFIS, we will instill in our children a sense of social responsibility and self-confidence so that they use their voice and hands to create and mold new possibilities to build bridges with others. The accomplishments of humankind are only possible because of our collaborative approach to problem-solving.  We look forward to our common and collective work with you in our community and thank you for being a part of something much greater than ourselves. 

In the next few days, you will receive a letter from Admissions with some information about the next school year and about our Orientation and Onboarding Program.  We are also awaiting clear instructions and guidelines from the government regarding protocols and the next steps so that we provide you with our plan for the opening of school. 

At present, we have planned a hybrid model for our orientation, which includes a virtual platform where you will have the opportunity to meet our staff and learn more about the first days of school while also providing the opportunity for you to visit the campus.  

We are excited that you are joining our community and we look forward to meeting you soon. In the meantime, enjoy your summer to the fullest, laugh with with your children, and be safe. 

Kind regards, 

Colin Boudreau.                Lila Jorge
Head of School                  Associate Head of School

Estimada familia, 

Con gran placer les damos una cálida bienvenida a nuestro colegio. Tenemos muchas ganas de conocerles personalmente. Vivimos en tiempos excepcionales y, a pesar de los desafíos que nos presenta la COVID19, nuestro colegio continuará cumpliendo con su misión con mayor compasión, resolución y propósito si cabe. Nuestra misión es involucrar a nuestra diversa comunidad escolar en la búsqueda de la excelencia educativa y el éxito de todos los alumnos y ese es nuestro compromiso con ustedes.

Todos los inicios suelen ser estresantes, pero están a la vez llenos de promesas e inspiración. Este año, nuestro trabajo como padres, educadores, alumnos y vecinos será más intencional y crucial que nunca. A la vez que damos vida a nuestra misión, nunca ha sido más importante la voluntad del colegio de enseñar a los alumnos que la fuerza reside en la conexión, la inclusión y la diversidad.

En BFIS, inculcaremos en nuestros alumnos un sentido de responsabilidad social y confianza en sí mismos para que utilicen su voz y sus manos para crear y moldear nuevas posibilidades con el fin de construir puentes con los demás. Los logros de la humanidad solo son posibles gracias a un enfoque colaborativo en la resolución de problemas. Queremos trabajar con ustedes de forma unida y colectiva junto a nuestra comunidad escolar y le damos las gracias por formar parte de algo mucho más grande que nosotros mismos.

En los próximos días recibirán un mensaje del departamento de Admisiones con alguna información sobre el próximo año escolar y sobre las jornadas de orientación para las nuevas familias. Estamos a la espera de recibir instrucciones de las autoridades gubernamentales sobre los protocolos a implementar para la reapertura de los colegios. En cuanto tengamos esta información les informaremos sobre nuestros planes para la vuelta al colegio.

En estos momentos, tenemos planificadas unas jornadas híbridas de orientación para las nuevas familias, que incluyen reuniones virtuales a través de las cuales podrán conocer a nuestro personal y obtener más información sobre el nuevo año escolar y también oportunidades para que puedan visitar el campus. 

Estamos muy contentos de que se unan a nuestra comunidad escolar  y esperamos conocerles pronto en persona. Mientras tanto, disfruten del verano al máximo, pasen buenos momentos con sus hijos y cuídense.

Un cordial saludo,

Colin Boudreau                            Lila Jorge
Director de BFIS                          Subidrectora de BFIS

Mission and Values

Our purpose is to engage our diverse school community in the pursuit of educational excellence and success for all students.




  • Maximize Individual Student Potential
    All students should have the opportunity, instruction, guidance and support necessary to succeed in school and maximize their individual academic, social and emotional potential. Students must be active participants, at the center of the learning process, in an environment that encourages them to pursue their dreams.
  • Joy
    Joy and wonder are essential elements in the learning process which breed passion and creativity.
  • Hard Work and Perseverance
    Effort is more important than talent and should be cultivated in all aspects of school life. Success is earned through hard work and commitment.
  • Shared Responsibility
    Responsibility for excellence in education is shared by all members of the school community.  Success is achieved through teamwork and collaboration.
  • Lifelong Learning
    Students should cultivate the habits of mind to be curious, independent learners who pursue their passions and understand the beauty and power of knowledge.
  • Culturally Diverse Community
    Students develop compassion, empathy, and insight in an inclusive, culturally diverse community that requires them to consider various perspectives and adapt to different ways of being.
  • Character Development
    All of our actions and decisions should be guided by clear ethical principles. Doing what is right requires honesty, integrity and courage, and it is the school’s responsibility to support students in developing these essential traits.
Orientation Program 2020-2021

Despite all of our efforts to organize a face-to-face Orientation Program, the latest restrictions from the Catalan government, not allowing meetings or gatherings with more than 10 people, force us to cancel our Orientation program as it was planned. 

However, we will organize Virtual Orientation Meetings to introduce you to important members of the BFIS Administration and Academic team, the BFIS Board and members of the BFIS Operations team. You will receive an invitation by email to a Google meet. If you do not receive this information by Tuesday at 17:00 h, please contact Serena Washburn at

The new dates and times are: 

  • Wednesday, August 26th at 9:30 am: Middle and High School Virtual Orientation Meeting 
  • Thursday, August 27th at 9:30 am: Early Childhood and Elementary Virtual Orientation Meeting 
  • Friday, August 28th (staggered times): Early Childhood families tour to the classroom. EC families will receive an email from Serena Washburn, director of Admissions, informing you about the time for you and your child to come.
School Daily Schedules

Early Childhood and Elementary

On Friday, August 28th, we will email the class assignment to all the EC and ES parents.  The classroom teachers will email their welcome letter with pertinent information to her specific classroom.   If you have not received your assignment by Monday, August 31st, please contact the main office or Caroline Rockett at 

Middle and High School

We request new MS/HS families to come to the MS/HS campus on Wednesday, August 26th after 12:00 pm to pick up their Orientation Folder, which includes information about setting students' PowerSchool accounts and their printed schedules. 

1:1 Technology Program for Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Grades 6 to 8

We are excited to welcome your child to middle school!  Middle school is a time where students gain more independence and responsibility.  In order to access assignments, communicate with teachers and peers, and keep organized, BFIS students are a part of our 1:1 technology program. There are two options to consider.

1. Students receive a school-issued Chromebook. This Chromebook can be used for the middle school years (to be returned at the end of 8th Grade).  The IT department will be responsible for all maintenance and management of this device.

2. Students may choose to B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device).  The requirements for this device are outlined in the Tech Agreement, which is in the form link below about device preferences. If B.Y.O.D is chosen, families are responsible for the maintenance and management of this device.

For the technology department to prepare appropriately, we ask that you the form here below identifying your child's preference of a school-issued Chromebook or B.Y.O.D. by 19/06/2020.


1:1 Technology Program for High School (Grades 9-12)

BFIS has a bring your own device (BYOD) approach for grades 9 - 12 to enhance and extend learning. This document below outlines the basis and expectations for these programs. In preparation for next fall, please:

  • Read this letter thoroughly with your child and let us know about any questions you have.
  • Discuss the educational purpose and behavioral expectations of the devices with your child (explained below; BFIS will continue to work on this through class dialogue, Advisory and Wellness).
  • Please review the recommendations for a suitable device and let us know if you have any questions.


Message from the PTA and brochure

Dear New BFIS Families, 

The BFIS PTA is thrilled to welcome you to our Community, wishing you and your children all the success in this new adventure. To get you off to a great start in Barcelona and in our school, we will organized few events.  Almost every parent who attended them in the past reported that they received lot of valuable information in a short time, made new friends and felt better oriented going forward.

Given the special circumstances of this year, some event will be ON LINE rather than in person, but we hope you still get the best out of it and start connecting with us and the entire BFIS wonderful community!

1) PTA’s Making BFIS Home Workshop
WhenTBC during the month of September there will be 2 sessions

Our first big activity will be the PTA’s Making BFIS & BCN Home Workshop. What do you need to know about making BFIS & Barcelona home? You’ll hear different speakers talk about: transportation, shopping, activities for kids and adults, finding household help, taking care of pets, language schools - even hairdressers. You’ll also hear about cultural adjustment and the medical system. You will have a chance to ask questions and meet other new families who are going through the same process of acclimating to a new culture and community.  You will also meet some returning parents, who are happy to share their experiences from their first year!

2) PTA Coffee - Meet Head of School
When: Tuesday, September 15th from 8:45 to 10:00 a.m.                                                              

The next exciting event will be our PTA Coffee - Meet Head of School. Have breakfast at home while listening for live updates from our Head of School.  We will share important information about the PTA Board and the school.  You’ll meet our Head of School and the Principals for Elementary and Middle and High School. This is also a great opportunity to meet families that have already spent time at BFIS and are very excited about sharing their experiences with you.

3) Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The BFIS Parent and Teacher Association, PTA is an organization run mostly by parents, with generous input and assistance from the administration, faculty and students. The PTA´s vision is to create an interconnected community that fosters joy, excellence, life-long learning and service. It is important to us that new families feel a part of our community as soon as possible, providing a quick and easy transition for students and parents. The PTA supports new students and families and helping them integrate into the school community by organizing different events and programs.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming involved in the PTA, please complete the PTA Interest form (this is just a inquiry, not a sign-up form): 

Interest In Learning More about the PTA

4) Room Parent Network
The Room Parent network is a link between the classrooms and the entire parent community. As a room parent, you do not need to do it all, you delegate and organize the parents in the grade to help support the teachers and make our community better. You are an essential part of our parent-school communication.  

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Room Parent, please complete the PTA form (this is just a inquiry, not a sign-up form): 

Interest In Becoming a Room Parent

5) Other PTA events
Throughout the school year, you will be hearing a lot about PTA activities, and you’ll have many opportunities to engage in, support and volunteer at the following events.

  • Monthly PTA Coffee with Head of School (HoS)
  • Donut Day
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  •  Personal and Professional Workshops
  • Cultural and Social Activities
  • International Food Fair

If you would like to reach out to the PTA by email, please do so through the email or you can contact Laura de la Garza, who is copied on this message at

Welcome to Barcelona and again to our wonderful community!!!


How to access the Parent Portal

Instructions to access the parent portal will be published here the last week of August. Please, revisit this section. 

Summer Reading Recommended Books

The BFIS Libraries are delighted to share this year's recommended summer readings lists. 

Summer Reading Assignments for Middle and High School

Dear BFIS Parents and Caregivers,

Summer provides a wonderful opportunity and the time for students to enjoy reading great books! The goal of the middle school/high school summer reading program is to foster a love of reading over the summer holiday period and ensure they continue healthy reading routines.

In order to meet the needs of each students’ reading skills and interests, we have compiled grade level summer reading lists containing a variety of genres and topics.  While we are asking students to read over summer, we also want to honor student choice.  

This week teachers will be sharing summer reading expectations with their students.  The details for each incoming grade level can be found in this document:

  • Incoming Grades 6, 7, 8 - Required to read at least two books and complete two follow up activities
  • Incoming Grades 9, 10 - Required to read at least three books and complete two follow up activities
  • Incoming Grades 11, 12 - Required to read at least three books and complete follow up activities, plus complete designated IB Reading, 

Students will choose their books from a ranging list and also have a choice of what activity to complete, some being fairly brief.

The school year will begin with activities and discussions related to their summer reading. 

Thank you for supporting your child’s ongoing reading progress!!

If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Lila Jorge (

Wishing you a safe and happy summer,

Middle and High School Electives Courses 2020-2021

Please, read the attached descriptions of the various elective choices by grade level and determine with your child what elective they would like to take next year. 

Vaccinations Requirements 2020-2021 and Heath Form

As per the regulations from the Generalitat, we will be asking all parents to ensure that your vaccinations are up to date for the start of the school year in September 2020.  At present, this is the form  COVID /Health Form 2020 that we will ask parents to fill out for the return to school.  Please make arrangements with your pediatricians to ensure that your child’s vaccinations records are up to date. 


There is always so much work and the PTA (Parent and Teacher Association) is always in need of volunteers. Please consider collaborating with the school by sharing your time and/or your expertise/passions. On the PTA website you will find volunteering forms to submit if you are interesting in collaborating with the school.