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School Fees

Thank you for considering a BFIS education for your child. We know that choosing the right school is an important decision for families and we are here to help you and guide you through this process. Do not hesitate to ask any question you may have through our inquiry form.

BFIS is a not-for-profit school. School fees are set each year by the school's Board of Trustees.


Tuition fees include:

BFIS School Yearly Fees 2022-2023

Individual Fees
Corporate Fees
School Fees Summary
  • Application Fee
    Fee charged per prospective student to process an “Application for admission”. Valid for two consecutive school years. Non-refundable.
  • Matriculation Fee
    The yearly matriculation fee is per student and non-refundable. Matriculation fees collected form part of the general fund used to finance school operations. Matriculation fees also include a Parent Teacher Association membership fee of 10 euros per student. Non-refundable.
  • Tuition Fees
    These yearly fees cover the operational costs of the school, including salaries, instructional expenses, administrative expenses, facilities expenses, etc… A 10% fee reduction is applied for the third child from the same family, and a 20% reduction for children thereafter. A discount of 1.5% is applied to tuition pre-paid on an annual basis.
  • Entrance Fee
    The Entrance Fee is a one-time charge for a newly enrolled student and is non-refundable. It may be paid in two installments: 50% together with the Matriculation Fee and the remaining 50% before school starts in September. Payment must be made in full before the start of the school year in September. A 50% fee reduction is applied to the fourth child (and any other child thereafter) from the same family. Non-refundable.
  • Lunch Fees
    This optional fee is charged to those families choosing to enroll their children in our lunch program. 
  • Additional Charges
    IBDP diploma, course, and subject fees are direct billed to families with students enrolled in the IBDP program. Additional charges for field trips, optional parties, extra-curricular activities, tutoring, and special programs will be billed as appropriate.
  • Bus Fees
    This optional fee is charged to those families choosing to use the bus service either in the morning, afternoons or both. Please consult the fee schedule for current rates and routes.
Payment Methods

Payment of Entrance Fee and first-time Matriculation Fee can be done online (credit/debit card) or wire transfer. All other fees, including re-enrollment Matriculation Fee, require direct debit payment (SEPA).

School Fees Payment Policy

Tuition, lunch and bus fees may be paid yearly or monthly (10 installments for N through Grade 11, and 9 installments for Grade 12). Monthly payments are due on the 5th of each month.

The failure to pay all school fees by due dates will be addressed in the following manner:

Thirty calendar days after the due date, BFIS will communicate in writing the outstanding debt to the parent responsible for the student’s account.

Sixty calendar days after the due date, and every thirty days thereafter, tuition and/or other school fees in arrears will be assessed an 8% service charge (or as determined by “Banco de España”) on a yearly basis of the unpaid balance.

The school reserves the right to suspend the student from classes until payment obligations have been fulfilled.

The failure to meet all financial obligations to the school may result in the referral of any uncollected debt to the school’s legal counsel.

Final confirmation of a space for the following academic year is subject to all existing financial obligations to the school being met satisfactorily. BFIS also reserves the right to reject any matriculation payment. In case of recurrent defaulters, BFIS reserves the right to reject any re-matriculation requests. 


Any changes regarding enrollment or length of stay must be communicated in writing to BFIS by June 1st, before the start of the following school year in September. Said communication will be deemed valid only if it contains the departure date. Any changes communicated after June 1st, have a three month’s tuition Early Departure Penalty fee. Please note that Matriculation Fee and Entrance Fee are always non-refundable regardless of any communication made.


There is no discount for students attending school for only a part of the school day.


50% of Entrance fee and 100% of Application fee will be waived for children of BFIS graduates.


There is no additional charge over and above the Application fee for first-time EAL test-takers. In the event the EAL test is to be repeated the cost is 100 EUR.


There is no charge associated with requests for additional copies of transcripts by BFIS Alumni.