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Written by BFIS Staff

Best international schools in Barcelona are selected and published every year in the Spanish national newspapers. We are thrilled to share that our school has been named one of Barcelona’s top international schools! This acknowledgment demonstrates our dedication to offering a top-notch education that caters to the needs of our diverse student body.

As an international school, we offer a multicultural learning environment that celebrates diversity and encourages tolerance, inclusivity and respect for all people, which at the same time stimulates creativity, innovation and collaboration. Our students come from different backgrounds and nationalities, bringing a wealth of perspectives and experiences to our classrooms. This fosters a rich learning environment where our students develop a global mindset and a deep appreciation for cultural differences.

Our programs are designed to help students succeed in an global, interconnected world that is changing at a fast pace. We provide a rigorous academic curriculum that drives our pupils to think critically, communicate well, and come up with original solutions to global issues while instilling respect, accountability, and integrity in our students.

Our teachers are highly skilled professionals committed to the academic success of our students and passionate about education. Our students are encouraged to attain their best potential through the supportive and nurturing learning environment they help to establish.

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Barcelona is a lively, multicultural and diversified city with a large foreign community, making it a great choice for families wishing to provide their children with multicultural and bilingual education.

Being one of the best international schools in Barcelona makes us happy, and we’ll keep working hard to be the best at everything we do. We appreciate that you consider our school as an option for your child.

One of the most crucial decisions you will make as a parent is choosing the best school for your children. Finding the right solution for your family might be challenging and requires time and thoughtful reflection. We always recommend that you visit as many schools as possible. Check our tips about visiting schools in the red button here below. Our Admissions department is always open and we invite you to visit us if you are in Barcelona or call us if you live abroad. We are here to help you to solve your doubts and answer any questions you may have.

El Mundo Newspaper

For another year, BFIS has been listed among the top 30 international schools in Spain as per the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. In March, the newspaper released its annual ranking “The top 100 schools in Spain“. BFIS is one of the four international schools in Catalunya on that list. The ranking is made following 27 criteria points.

Forbes Magazine

One more year BFIS also is listed among the best schools in Spain in 2023 as per Forbes magazine. For their ranking, Forbes compiled 36 measurable and standardized criteria into seven blocks that have been organized by a group of education specialists.

El Español Newspaper

On more year BFIS also is listed among the 20 top international schools in Spain as per El Español national newspaper.

This recognition is the result of a caring, committed, and engaged school community. Thank you to BFIS students, parents, and staff for making BFIS such a special place.

Other media

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