BFIS Career Conversations

In January 2022, we launched our six-part BFIS Career Conversations program for Grade 10 students during their Advisory time.

“The OECD Career Readiness project explores quantitative evidence to identify how teenage career-related activities and attitudes are linked to better adult employment outcomes. Evidence from multiple national longitudinal studies shows that secondary school students benefit by actively exploring their futures in work. One indicator of better employment outcomes is students reporting having career conversations with family members, peers and importanly, with subject teacher” (OECD Education Policy Perspectives )


Aligned with the Holland Code activity that BFIS students did earlier in the year, our first two speakers of the BFIS Career Conversations Program came from the category of “Persuaders“, commonly known as the business, entrepreneurial sector. Our two speakers were Chris Lewis, Vice President of International Sales at Azul and Ziad Matar, Parallel Entrepreneur. Among many subjects tourched upon, students learned about the importance of grit, what employers look for when hiring, how so many jobs of the future are unknown at this time and what VUCA stands for (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).


On our second session, we focused on the Holland Code “Helpers” which emcompasses the fields of teaching, counseling, social work and law. Our guest parents speakers were Shirli Ender, professor and coach along with Hudson Bair, a lawyer.


Our third session took place in February. This time the focus of the conversation was around creative careers. Pablo Cruz, a film producer, spoke about his educational and professional journey along Dr. Anne Kearney, an environmental psychologist who became an artist.


During Kindness Week we held a fourt Career Conversations session. The theme was “Organizers” Professionals who often work with accounting, math, numerical activities who value precision, and are detail-oriented. Our guests speakers were Prof. Jaime Sabal and Rivi Aviram.


In March our Career Conversations continued as we explored “Builders” with holistic dental hygienist and entrepreneur, Elena McCarthy, and Sanjay Saujani, SAP Data Expert, business developer and mindfulness coach. 


Our ‘Career Conversations’ program concluded with “Thinkers” and a fascinating talk with two scientists. Dr. Adriana Hernandez, a primatologist spoke about her work with primates and traveling in Africa with the Jane Goodall Foundation.  Dr. James Sharpe of the European Molecular Biology Lab spoke of the importance of understanding biology and his lab’s contributions to the scientific world along with the importance of doing what you love. 

Our students learned so much from the professional journey and experience of our speakers. It is a fantastic way to introduce them to the endless variety of career opportunities in the world, encourage further exploration of careers that spark their interest, and facilitate meaningful discussions during these sessions, at class and at home about successful job skills and planning for the future.

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