BFIS Model United Nations

Written by BFIS Staff

This past weekend, BFIS hosted its 2nd Annual Conference of BFIS Model United Nations. This year we were excited to almost double the number of participants and were able to accommodate 85 delegates, chairs, and executives from BFIS and other international schools in Barcelona. 

Theme 2023

The theme this year is Preserving Equilibrium in a Changing World. Some of the topics included were:

  • China, Taiwan and North Korea: International Disarmament 
  • Neocolonialism and State Sovereignty in African Nations 
  • Islamic Republic of Iran: Religious Freedom when it violates Human Rights
  • Human Trafficking in the Balkan Region

Opening Ceremony

We were particularly honored to have Ms. Stana, the Consul General of the US Consulate of Barcelona and Ms. Hovington, our Head of School as guests speakers in the opening ceremony, along with Guillermo Corbero, BFIS/ Model UN member Alumni and Political Science Major.

Being pulled in many directions by opposing forces means it is extra important to remember who you are and what your purpose is. One of my favorite quotes is Alexander Hamilton’s, founding Father of the United States, “Those that stand for nothing fall for anything.” As delegates of the countries, you represent you´ll have to understand what it means to see authentic self as a delegate of a country that is not your own. This weekend you seek to dive into some hairy problems that World Leaders with far more power than you possess so your strength is collaboration, it is in relationships. It is in not just arguing your point, but in arguing it with a lens on what is a win-win situation.

Rachel Hovington, Opening Ceremony Speech

BFIS MUN Executive Committee

We want to congratulate the BFIS Model UN Executive Team and Chairs for making this conference a success. They have spent the past two months planning and preparing for it and we could not be more proud. Special thank you to Maria Belousova, the Secretary General, and Isabelle Slootsky-Johnson, the Undersecretary General, for leading the executive team and all delegates with their preparations.

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