BFIS Podcast Episode 3: Student-led projects

A project with a purpose

In this inspiring third episode of the BFIS podcast, Scott Hemsey, BFIS Global Citizenship Coordinator and Take Action for Impact leader, and Kyra Kellawan, BFIS Director of Development, sit down with three of our senior students- Yuval Trachtenberg, Greg Nazzi, and Miguel Rodés to talk about a Tutor project they created that was driven by passion and the aim to make a positive impact in our student community.  They share their journey from concept to creation (see YouTutor.Online), discuss the influence this project has had on their education and personal growth, and offer a glimpse into their aspirations post-graduation.

A Mission for Change: The Inception of YouTutor.Online

What began as a simple desire for our three students to tutor peers evolved into a full-fledged digital platform project. Yuval, Greg, and Miguel noticed a gap in the school’s ability to connect student tutors with those in need of assistance after school hours. Unimpressed by existing external platforms that catered to more commercial interest and professional tutors, they envisioned something different – a service woven into the fabric of our student community, intuitive in design, and accessible to all. YouTutor.Online emerged from this vision, an easy way to connect tutors with students in need of tutoring, and a testament to their dedication to making a difference.

The Drive and the Challenges Behind This Initiative

In our podcast, students talk about their motivation, recounting their experiences as volunteer tutors both within our school and internationally. Their collective stories paint a picture of a shared vision to foster a community of support and learning. However, their path to bring their thoughts to reality wasn’t without hurdles. The students discuss as well the challenges they faced and how these experiences have honed their skills and fortified their resolve.

Envisioning the Future

As our conversation with these soon-to-be graduates winds down, they reflect on their imminent transition from high school to the world beyond. While their personal journeys will diverge, their commitment to their project remains unwavering, ensuring that their legacy will continue to thrive in the hands of the next wave of BFIS students.

We could not be prouder of our students. As educators, our goal is to nurture innovative thinkers who can forge real-world connections and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. This episode isn’t just a podcast, it’s a beacon of inspiration, showcasing what young minds can accomplish when driven by purpose and passion. Tune in and be inspired by the change-makers of tomorrow.

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