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BFIS receives the Green Flag

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

After a dedicated and committed group of parents, students, teachers and administrators passionately set a goal in 2018, not even a global pandemic could deter them.  

BFIS is very proud to announce that after three years of work (2018-21), and completing a virtual visit with Eco-schools last Friday, the school officially holds the Green Flag designation. The Green Flag Award through Eco Schools is a visible indication of a school's commitment to Learning for Sustainability and an internationally recognized accreditation for excellence in sustainable education.  In order to get this accreditation, we had to follow the following steps and focus on the following 10 topics:

At the end of the virtual visit, the team from Eco-Schools could not have been more positive of the work of the school and told us we have officially been granted the Green Flag.  

BFIS is one of  the few international schools in Spain to obtain this recognition. This is a fantastic addition to the repertoire that is BFIS and is a great sign of our commitment to a sustainable world with our actions throughout all facets of the school.  This was also one of our strategic objectives in 2017. We are very proud of out Going Green Committee, made up of students, parents, teachers and administrators, for collaborating and persevering with this work throughout the pandemic, which made it much more challenging! 

Being in the Going Green committee and collaborating with brilliant and committed students, teachers, staff and parents has been wonderful. Together we have been able to encourage BFIS to adopt sustainable school policies, integrate sustainability into the curriculum and raise the school community´s awareness about environmental protection and global citizenship topics. Now BFIS is a certified Green Flag Eco School and we must continue promoting a sustainable lifestyle in order to protect our children's future on this planet."  Tatiana Ramirez, Going Green parent Co-Chair

For more information about the Going Green Committee or becoming a member, please visit the Going Green Committee website