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BFIS at the vanguard of international schools

Monday, November 18, 2019

 After more than 18 months of preparation this week BFIS hosted the Middle States Association (MSA) Visiting Team. For four days, the Team  met with BFIS stakeholders and saw our school in action to determine if the school meets MSA’s twelve standards and make a recommendation regarding re-accreditation. At their final speech, they complimented our school  and had many congratulating words for the job BFIS is doing, as well as for its outstanding and engaged community.

Although there were many others, here below are two statements from their oral report on Friday:

1. "Today is a very decisive day for your school.  After many months and years of hard work, and reviewing every part and program of your school, you have certain proven to yourselves and to us, that BFIS is a premiere educational institution with a forward thinking mindset positioned on the vanguard ready and eager to embrace the next set of challenges."

2 "Many schools talk about being a community, but BFIS is the model of such a family community."

The MDA Visiting Team confirmed that BFIS has met and exceeded all 12 MSA Standards and therefore will be accredited for the next 7 years. 

It was an honor to hear MSA validate the incredible work that has been done at the school and recognize the things that are so special to us and to our community.

This process required great efforts from all of our community. The amount of work that went into the preparation and execution of such an endeavor cannot be understated.  Although it is time to focus now in our future, we do need to stop and pause, to celebrate our incredible growth and development as a school and enjoy the accolades that have been shared with us

Congratulations BFIS!