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The Success Story of Domenico Composto and EZ NOMICS

Domenico Composto a highly esteemed IB Economics educator at BFIS, has not only distinguished himself in the classroom but also in the digital realm as the founder of EZ NOMICS. EZ NOMICS is a pioneering YouTube channel dedicated to providing invaluable tutorial resources for IB Economics students globally. With an extensive library of over 220 videos, Domenico’s channel has become a go-to destination for students seeking comprehensive and accessible explanations of complex economic concepts.

Domenico Composto, BFIS IB Economics Teacher

Shortlisted in the Best Use of Technology category for the TES School Awards

His YouTube channel has been shortlisted in the Best Use of Technology category for the Tes School Awards for International Schools 2024. The nomination highlights his time, effort, and dedication to building his successful YouTube channel. What sets EZ NOMICS apart is its commitment to making high-quality educational content freely available to students worldwide. This dedication to accessibility has earned the channel a substantial following, boasting over 1,500 subscribers and reaching users from more than 80 nations. Domenico’s passion for economics and his innovative approach to online education have made EZ NOMICS a great resource for students navigating the challenging IB Economics curriculum.

The TES School Awards are the Oscars of education and highlight the most outstanding schools and
teachers the global education community has to offer. The shortlisted finalists are selected by a panel of expert judges including school leaders, experts, and education researchers. The judges’ objectivity, professionalism, and high standards help establish winning the awards as an achievement highly sought after.

This significant milestone is a testament to Domenico’s dedication to empowering students and democratizing access to education. His tireless efforts in creating and curating educational content have undoubtedly made a positive impact on countless students’ academic journeys.

Congratulations, Domenico, on this remarkable achievement! Your dedication to enhancing the learning experience for IB Economics students worldwide is truly commendable, and your contributions to the field of education are invaluable. Here’s to many more successes in your continued endeavor to make learning accessible and enjoyable for students, not only at BFIS, but everywhere.

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