First Place in Speech Competition

Congratulations to Nanthan Nan for taking First Place in the final round of the 4Voices speech competition at JunoHouse in Barcelona. 

Nanthan’s impressive speech entitled, ‘Comprehensive knowledge leads to diversity’ ends with the line, ‘while diversity makes us different, the differences makes us the same.’

With composure, grace, humor, and a big smile, Nanthan delivered a moving and thoughtful presentation. The 4Voices Founder called Nanthan ‘a star’.   Nanthan represented himself and BFIS beautifully among a talented group of finalists and he should be tremendously proud of himself and this accomplishment. In a language new to him just two years ago, Nanthan distinguished himself as a skilled orator stirring the whole crowd. 

Congratulationa, Nanthan!

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