Grade 8 Drama Students Perform at the Liceu Barcelona Opera House

BFIS Drama 8 students performed a mirror piece to the cast and crew of ‘Jungle Book Reimagined‘ by Akram Khan Company at 3pm, at the Liceu Barcelona Opera House, before being joined by 20 other students from Grades 6-12 later that afternoon for the 5pm ‘Jungle Book Reimagined’ show.

To say that they were a credit to the school and themselves is to understate it hugely. The professional performers were so appreciative and the director was really impressed by how our students’ piece managed to incorporate a variety of different elements and motifs from their show.

Performing in front of one of the most outstanding and innovative dance companies in the world and at the Liceu Barcelona Opera House is a great accomplishment. We are all very proud of this achievement. The students were buzzing. 

To execute this piece so well, having just completed a week which was already so fabulously enriched by the excellent High School Musical “Rock of Ages” takes not only ability but also significant drive. Thank you to our enthusiastic and dedicated Drama teachers, Ian Oxlade, Adam Jacques and Neema Lahon and to our talented and passionate Grade 8 Drama students.

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