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Iberia Basket Tournament hosted by BFIS

Monday, February 4, 2019

Over the weekend, for the first time in BFIS history, the school hosted our first international sports tournament. The Iberia League High School Basketball Tournament took place at INEFC and our High School Basketball Teams competed against schools from Spain, France, and Portugal.

Congratulations to Sofia Albareda (10th) and Amit Mandel (11th), the BFIS players who received medals for the All Star Team.

Our two BFIS teams received the trophy for the Iberian Spirit Award, an award given to the school whose athletes most supported and interacted with other team players as well as their own through a positive attitude throughout the tournament.


HS Boys Tournament Results: 

1. ASB Varsity

2. CAISL Varsity

3. ASV Varsity

4. IBS-P


6. CAISL Junior Varsity

7. ASB Junior Varsity

8. ASV Junior Varsity


HS Girls Tournament Results:

1. CAISL Varsity

2. ASB 

3. IBS-P

4. BFIS 

5. CAISL Junior Varsity