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Inspiring Writing

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dan McDougall award-winning foreign correspondent gave a talk to grade 11. Principally it was inspired by his articles and short film on Global Warming but he also discussed his work reporting across the world as a covert and overt journalist.

His writing will be an invaluable body of work for the students to discuss for the internal oral which is a significant component in their final IB Diploma result. It was exciting to hear from someone at the forefront of so many significant global issues who has been able to sway people’s attitude through the power of his investigations.

He discussed the writing process and his love of the written word but also the importance of good journalism and our responsibility to be discerning readers. His time is valuable and we greatly appreciate that he was willing to donate some of it to our students; it was an experience that they will learn from and remember. 

Thank you very much Dan for such an inspiring session for our students!