Staff Editors

Isid Spaho

Individuals and Societies Teacher
IBDP Global Politics Teacher
MUN Director

Isid Spaho, Portrait Photo

Isid joined Benjamin Franklin International School (BFIS) in 2014, where she assumed the role of a Social Studies Teacher for both Middle and High School students. Her dedication, expertise in the field, and her ability to involve students in different clubs and activities have made them one of the most cherished teachers at BFIS. 


Before joining BFIS, Isid taught AP High School Economics and AP History of the United States at an International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Dallas, TX.  


Since joining BFIS, Isid has played a pivotal role in fostering student engagement and participation in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences in Spain and other cities in Europe. Her influence extends to the design and organization of the BFIS MUN Conference, launched in 2022, and contributed significantly to its success. Over the years, she also has dedicated her efforts to supervising and inspiring the High School Student Council, leaving an incredible mark on student leadership and empowerment. 


Isid’s dedication to students goes beyond her regular responsibilities. Over the years, she has taken the lead in organizing and guiding International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) overnight trips to different cities in Spain. In this role, Isid has meticulously crafted enriching experiences and curated bonding activities among peers. By designing such diverse and immersive experiences, Isid contributes significantly to the holistic development of the students under her guidance. 


Isid completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a Concentration in Tourism with a Minor in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Humanities, which reflects her passion for knowledge and her dedication to providing a rich educational experience for her students. Isid also holds a Grades 8-12, Social Studies Teacher Certification from the United States.