Staff Editors

Jennine Ballew

Middle School Counselor

Jennine joined BFIS in August 2023. Before joining our school, she was part of the counseling team at the Canadian International School in Singapore.


She brings to BFIS a wealth of experience. With 14 years as a classroom teacher, she seamlessly transitioned into a counseling role, working with students across all grade levels K-12.


Having lived in Manila, the Philippines, and Hanoi, Vietnam, Jennine has a global perspective. Her diverse cultural experiences contribute to her holistic approach to counseling. While she has embraced international living, Jennine holds a special connection to Arizona, TX, considering it her ‘home.’


Jennine holds a Master in Counseling from Arizona State University, showcasing her commitment to professional development. Additionally, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education, focusing on Family Relations and Child and Adolescent Development, from Oklahoma State University.


Beyond her professional achievements, Jennine enjoys hiking, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, and being close to nature. Her love for travel extends to ocean destinations. Family holds a special place in her heart, making her free time a blend of adventure and cherished moments.