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Student Support Services

Whole School Team Support

At BFIS we are committed to “success for all students”. We are committed to creating a
culture of engaging learning that improves achievements for all students.

The whole Student Support Team (SST) supports students across the school population from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. This includes Social and Emotional Counselling, Learning Support, Learning Enrichment and English as an Additional Language. The school also provides support through University/Careers Counselling to students that want to study in Spain or in any other country worldwide. These groups work closely as a team with each other and our teaching faculty to support students, and parents, with a wide range of services to meet the academic, emotional and social needs of all of our students. 


At BFIS we believe that every student is different  and every student has a story. We also believe that with supportive teachers, supportive classrooms and a consistent and strong school-home partnership every child is able to reach their ultimate potential. BFIS is an inclusive school and our nearly 100% pass rate in the rigorous IB Diploma Program shows our commitment with our school mission.