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Making Awesome Crazy Masks

Thursday, May 23, 2019

BFIS students in Grade 2 have been making papier-mâché animal masks; some realistic, some a bit more inventive or exaggerated in their features.  Masks have played an important role in just about every culture in the world throughout history and continue to be worn in a variety of contexts today.  Masks appeal to people because they have the power to transform.  The process began with students adding distinctive features to their armature or base, using various recycled materials such as egg cartons and cardboard.  We applied three layers of papier-mâché to give the masks strength, two with newspaper as it’s thin and lays flat easily, and the last with white copy paper, so as to not see the news headlines as part of the design when it became time to paint.  When applying the papier-mâché, students are reminded to add the strips of paper in multiple directions and to use 'scissor fingers' to squeeze out the excess liquid and drape the paper on the masks, wrapping it tight like a present. Finally we painted the masks, bringing them to life!  

You can find these masks in the Grade 2 and 3 hallway beginning next week!