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Message from our New Head of School, Rachel Hovington

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

We are honored to welcome our new Head of School, Rachel Hovington and her family into our international community. Rachel is joining us from the International School of Hannover Region in Germany where she served as the Head of School for the last five years. Before that, she worked at the Atlanta International School, in Atlanta (USA) for sixteen years, where she became Deputy Head of School. She brings an extensive experience as an enthusiastic educational leader with a progressive vision. Please, join us in welcoming her and her family to BFIS! 

Here below is her message to the BFIS Community. 

Hi BFIS Community,

I feel so privileged to begin work this summer with all of you, who I already know as an energetic group of students, staff, parents and board members. I’m moving to Barcelona from Hannover Germany where I have been Head of School at the International School of Hannover for the past five years. Before that I lived and worked in Atlanta in the USA for 16 years where I became Deputy Head of School at Atlanta International School. It was there that I became a US Citizen and my commitment to a US and international education was cemented. Before that I taught in the UK and volunteered in Malaysia. I have nearly 30 years of experience working with young people, volunteering, teaching and leading in schools…. and I love it!

Every school has its own chemistry, its own wonderful magic that makes it special. BFIS has many wonderful qualities but what most attracted me was that BFIS has such a talented, caring and dedicated faculty representing more than 25 different nationalities with rich and diverse experiences. They have a relentless focus on inspiring BFIS students to achieve their best personal growth within a US and Global context.  I love working in a truly international community and the fact that roughly one third of BFIS students are US citizens,  a third are International, and one third are Spanish families means that it retains it’s context as a US International school, but students know and understand themselves locally and globally.  It means that their inter-cultural competency and character is fostered. I have enjoyed following BFIS for the last year on social media where I have been impressed by the amount of student action going on and their commitment to making the world a better place. From the Green Committee to the Student Council student voice is valued at BFIS. Finally, what attracted me perhaps the most is that BFIS believes that every student is different on many different levels. BFIS teachers  know where students are on the rungs of their own personal learning ladder and they are committed to nurturing student learning as well as their unique talents. For me that was a non-negotiable as a Head of School looking for a new school but also as a mum of two Middle School Students.

As a family in transition ourselves, Kristi and I are empathizing with the many families navigating travel at this unusual time. The BFIS community have already made us feel super welcome and we feel confident that we will hit the ground running. We are really looking forward to getting to know you all soon.

I am inspired by the changes in global innovation and technology and how they impact the work we do in schools. At the end of a strategic planning cycle the foundation board, staff and parents now look to the future of BFIS. As Higher Education, Business, and the IB Diploma Programme evolve I believe that our Strategic work in the next year will continue to ensure that our school is a world class institution valuing its US International School history and tradition as well as boldly stepping into the future to fully prepare our students for the IB Diploma, Universities, and the world of work beyond. I am very excited to be part of that journey.

Rachel Hovington