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BFIS School offers a variety of after-school activities for middle school students. These activities provide opportunities for students to explore new interests, develop skills, and make friends outside the classroom. From athletics to arts and academics, there is something for everyone.

BFIS School believes that extracurricular activities are an essential part of a well-rounded education. By participating in these programs, students can enhance their social and emotional development while gaining valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and time management. 

This article will explore some of the exciting after-school activities available at BFIS School for middle schoolers.

Girls and Boys Basketball Teams

Among the most popular options for middle school activities are girls’ and boys’ basketball teams, which typically practice twice a week off campus, on an olympic facilities very close to the school (Egora Olimpics)

Participating in middle school basketball can have numerous benefits for students. For one thing, it provides an opportunity to develop physical fitness and coordination. Additionally, playing as part of a team teaches important life skills such as cooperation, communication, and responsibility for oneself and others.

Of course, being part of a basketball team does require some commitment from students and their families. Practices are held off campus twice a week and all students will travel to and from practice by school bus. Our athletes participate in the local league, the International Iberia League, and the International BISA league.

BFIS Atheltics Middle School Basket

Girls and Boys Volleyball Teams

Girls and boys volleyball teams are popular after-school activities in BFIS school, with both teams practising twice a week off campus. The middle school students who participate in these teams enjoy learning the fundamentals of the sport while strengthening their teamwork and leadership skills.

Both teams play friendly matches at local and international tournaments throughout the season, which provides an opportunity for the students to showcase their skills and sportsmanship. Our athletes participate in the local league, the International Iberia League, and the International BISA league.

Sports Atheltics Volleyball

Girls and Boys Soccer Teams

BFIS school is proud to offer both girls and boys soccer teams as after-school activities for middle school students. With practice twice a week, these teams provide an excellent opportunity for young athletes to develop their skills and gain experience on the field. 

The teams train at an off-campus sports facility, which allows the players to enjoy a change of scenery and access top-notch equipment. Each practice session is led by experienced coaches who are dedicated to helping students improve their game in a supportive environment.

In addition to honing athletic abilities, participating in team sports can also foster important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and perseverance. BFIS middle schoolers who join the soccer teams have the chance not only to improve their physical fitness but also to build valuable personal qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives. Our soccer teams participate in local and international competitions.

Athletics Sports Middle School Soccer

BFIS Cheer

BFIS Cheer program includes a cheerleading team led by a coach from the Thunder Barcelona Cheer Team, bringing an exciting opportunity for students to learn and develop new skills in a fun and challenging environment.

The cheerleading team will provide participants with the chance to gain experience in dance, gymnastics, stunts, and cheers. The coach brings years of experience teaching cheerleading at various levels. Students will benefit from the expertise as they work towards mastering their routines throughout the year.

This program aims to offer students an opportunity to develop valuable skills such as teamwork, coordination, communication and leadership while also boosting their self-confidence through performance opportunities. Last year our cheer athletes competed in the Spanish National Cheer Competition and won second place in their category.

Running Clubs

The running clubs are among the many after-school activities available at BFIS. The program includes a focus on proper form techniques for short-distance races as well as hurdle training sessions that can help enhance endurance levels. 

One of the unique features of the running clubs is that they allow students to explore Barcelona’s beautiful natural environment by taking them up to Collserola once a week. Collserola is a mountain range located on the outskirts of Barcelona, next to our school, offering stunning views of the city skyline as well as challenging terrain for runners seeking to improve their skills. As such, BFIS’s running clubs provide an excellent opportunity for students not only to stay active but also to connect with nature.

Musical Theater

The beloved musical Beauty and the Beast is known for its catchy songs and magical storyline. This production is an excellent opportunity for Middle School students to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, acting and stagecraft. During the school year 2023-2024 our students will be involved in a different but equally exciting theater production. Stay tuned for more information.

Through this activity, students learn about everything from performance techniques to staging principles as they get ready to take on this challenging production. The rehearsals are designed to be fun yet intensive allowing them to further hone their skills while also getting into character.

Students taking part in the Middle School Musical can expect an exciting time full of learning and growth opportunities.

Art Coding / Coding and Tech

The program is open to middle school students who wish to engage in fun and innovative activities that will help them develop their cognitive abilities while also learning some valuable technical skills.

Through art coding sessions, students are taught how to use computer programming languages like Python and Java to create visual, interactive art through code. This not only provides an avenue for creativity but also helps them learn the fundamentals of programming logic

The program combines both theoretical concepts and practical exercises in designing, alongside critical problem-solving sessions which enable learners to write code with fluency and ease.

By participating in this program, students enhance their digital literacy making it easier for them to navigate the modern technological world as they grow up.

Middle School Lego League Competition

The program is designed to encourage STEM learning and teamwork skills among young learners.

The competition involves building robots using Lego blocks and programming them to accomplish specific tasks. Students learn about various aspects of robotics, including design, engineering, coding, and problem-solving. They also work in teams to complete the challenges, fostering communication and collaboration skills along the way.

The FIRST Lego League Competition is an excellent opportunity for students interested in science and technology to explore their interests further. It provides a fun yet challenging environment where they can learn valuable skills that will benefit them both academically and professionally. 

Overall, this after-school activity is a fantastic addition to BFIS’s academic offerings that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on its students’ lives. Our Middle School Robotics Team participate in national competitions.


Music Academy

The Concertante Music Academy at the BFIS school offers an excellent opportunity for middle school students to take individual or group instrument lessons after school. The academy aims to provide quality music education that nurtures young talents and fosters a lifelong love of music.

Students who attend the academy can choose from a range of instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, or cello. They are assigned experienced instructors who work with them individually or in groups of up to four students. 

These lessons focus on developing fundamental skills such as sight-reading, ear training, technique development and musical interpretation.

Music ASA Program

Academic Tutoring

The program aims to help students who may need extra support in their studies or want to improve their grades. With two reputable tutoring companies on campus, BFIS ensures that students have access to high-quality resources and personalized attention from experienced tutors.

The academic tutoring program covers a wide range of subjects, including math, science, English language arts, social studies and foreign languages. The tutors are highly qualified professionals with years of teaching experience and expertise in their respective fields. 

They use various instructional methods such as interactive lectures, collaborative discussions, multimedia presentations and hands-on activities to engage students in the learning process.


In conclusion, BFIS school offers a diverse range of middle school after-school activities for students to engage in. These activities not only provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests and passions but also help them develop social skills, leadership qualities, and teamwork abilities. 

From sports teams to robotics clubs, there is something for everyone at BFIS. With the support of dedicated faculty members and coaches, students can explore new interests and challenge themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. 

We encourage all middle schoolers to take advantage of these valuable resources and get involved in after-school activities at BFIS!

Bea Zimmermann
BFIS Extracurricular Coordinator

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