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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Club Size: 45 student members
Club Director: Isid Spaho

This passed weekend, twenty one BFIS High School students participated in what marked  the tenth year anniversary of HagaMUN conference in The Hague. The theme of the conference was "Celebrating International Cooperation" and it was chosen not only as a celebration of the international nature of the Model UN, but to also serve as a reminder of the role of the United Nations in the last 73 years and to stress the importance that cooperation must continue to be the centre of international relations now more than ever. In a world where countries are faced with the threat of terrorism, climate change, poverty, nuclear threats, and changing dynamics of the world powers, the UN continues to be the unifier of all countries that strives to maintain some world order. 

BFIS students were spread across twelve committees at a conference of 550 students. After three days of debating clauses and resolutions, we are proud to announce that four students earned the title of Best Delegate for their respective committees: Andreu Paddack, Alizee Mac Conuladh, Chloe Mossberg, and Franco Consoli. This speaks to the rigorous preparation and continues commitment to the club. The BFIS Model UN club has doubled in size over the past three years. We have increased the number of conferences per year and with the mentor model incorporated in the past two years, the club has become a beacon of leadership among club executives and other regular members. Thank you to  our MUN Club Director and families for the continuous support of the BFIS Model UN club activities.