The BFIS Community

Caring and engaged community

One of the distinctive traits of BFIS is the importance we give to our community and how deeply we all care about it. Our middle size encourages personal interaction and invites strong support from parents and community members as well as closer relationships.

As our mission states, our purpose is to engage our diverse school community in the pursuit of educational excellence and success for all students. We can only achieve that if our entire school community (parents, students, teachers, and staff) is working together towards the same goals. At BFIS this engagement is palpable. Parents come to school not only to drop off or pick up their kids but also to connect with teachers, staff, and other parents. We offer numerous opportunities for parents to get involved with and enhance their children’s learning experience. 

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The BFIS Community

First Class Onboarding Program

New student and parents quickly feel an integral part of our inclusive international community and experience an easy transition. BFIS provides an intentionally designed and comprehensive Welcome Program. As soon as a family are enrolled they become part of a new family website, are assigned a buddy family, can take part in ‘Making BFIS and Barcelona Home’ sessions and can join PTA tours of the city and social events.

The BFIS Community

A truly international community

BFIS is a truly international school that explores and celebrates cultural differences. Our student body and families represent more than 55 nationalities. Our staff also comes from different countries and bring a rich diversity of knowledge and experiences to the classroom, helping our students to appreciate and understand differences, as well as develop an open-minded perspective to create a more tolerant and respectful society. At BFIS we embrace our diversity as a source of pride and strength and consider it an essential element of our identity.

BFIS Teachers

Much of what students learn from their greatest teachers is not detailed on a syllabus. They build and maintain positive and meaningful relationships with students, promote health and emotional wellbeing in the classroom,  respect students’ differences and ways of thinking, encourage kids to persevere and think out of the box and help to create a caring and loving environment. They do their daily work with heart, commitment, and passion.

We recognize that teachers are the heart and soul of our school. That is why recruiting world class teachers are key to our students’ success. Our faculty team includes astonishing professionals with many years of experience in different international schools all over the world.

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