BFIS Podcast Episode 1

Written by BFIS Staff

Launching the BFIS Podcast

We are pleased to announce the launching of the BFIS podcast. Our host Rachel Hovington, BFIS Head of School, presents a small school podcast with a difference, that aims to showcase our school’s future-oriented vision for learning and our goal: acting as agents of change in an educational world that must adapt to be ready for a fast-moving now and a fast-moving future. Releasing 2 episodes a month, the podcast will feature students, staff, and community members from BFIS, linking up in thought partnership with guests from other international school communities around the world.

Leading a Future-Ready International School

In our inaugural podcast, Rachel Hovington extends a warm welcome to Tim Kelly, the Head of School at the International School of Stuttgart in Germany. With a remarkable sixteen-year tenure, Tim has pioneered change and championed future-focused education. Board Chair of the Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) Tim stands as a guiding figure, not only for our Head of School but for numerous educational leaders. His dedication to ethical leadership in an international school setting, steering young individuals toward success, is commendable.  Furthermore, beyond his outstanding leadership experience, Tim’s accolades as an award-winning teacher and recipient of the prestigious Klingenstein Fellowship on Educational Leadership speak volumes. His engaging presence at international education conferences has been instrumental in shaping educational discourse. 
The BFIS podcast episode featuring Tim and Rachel delves into multifaceted aspects of school life. They explore the essence of a future-ready school, defining the nuances of an international school, and how top-tier institutions nurture an international mindset within their communities. They touch on pivotal education elements that positively impact students.

The ongoing construction at BFIS and how the building concept is catalyzing learning in a rapidly evolving educational landscape is a significant discussion point. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of forging connections with professionals and universities to facilitate learning linked to the real world and fostering future-ready students poised to action positive change. Ethics and character education’s vital role in shaping tomorrow’s leaders also features prominently in their conversation. 

We hope that you all have an inspiring listening experience.

Where to listen?

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