What is the role of the PTA in International Schools?

Written by BFIS Staff

Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) are an important part of any school, but what is their role in an international school? International schools are unique in that they often draw students from all over the world, and this presents a range of challenges for PTAs. 

This article will explore the role of the PTA in an international school setting, looking at the specific considerations and benefits of having a strong and engaged PTA in place.

What is the role of the PTA?

The Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) is an organization of parents and teachers working together to enrich the educational experience of students, build a supportive and inclusive community, and promote cultural exchange and understanding

The role of the PTA in international schools may vary depending on the school’s specific policies but generally, it serves as a liaison between parents, teachers, and the school leadership. 

International schools often have students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and the PTA can also help to ensure that these students and families feel welcome and included in the school community

PTA in international schools

Some of the most common responsibilities of the PTA in international schools are:

Facilitating communication

One of the main roles of the PTA is helping to promote effective communication between families and the school leadership team, ensuring that the voice of parents and students are heard, and their concerns are addressed. 

At BFIS, the PTA organizes regular meetings between the Room Parents and the heads of division, where parents can discuss general issues related to school and education.

Bringing the community together

The PTA often assists in organizing and coordinating school events that help to bring the community together, such as cultural festivals that showcase the diversity of the school community, whole school gatherings and celebrations, tours around the city, picnics, and many other opportunities for the families to interact and get to know each other better

Some of the initiatives of the BFIS PTA in this area are the highly celebrated Halloween party and The International Festival. The PTA also organizes several tours around the city throughout the school year, the Spring party for parents and teachers, workshops, etc. 

Providing resources and support

The PTA can enhance the educational experience of students by providing resources, support, and advocacy. For example, The PTA may provide funding for education programs or resources that the school may not be able to afford otherwise. 

The BFIS PTA agrees with the school on those areas that need their support. PTA fundings from the different events, help to fund some projects and initiatives.

Building school spirit

School spirit refers to a sense of pride and enthusiasm for the school, and it is essential for creating a positive and supportive learning environment. Creating school spirit can also help to build a stronger sense of community among students, parents, and teachers, which can also help to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment. 

PTA decorating the school for kindness day

Fostering Community Service

This is also an important role that the PTA plays in an international school environment. The PTA promotes community service in the school community by organizing service, clean up, and fundraising projects that encourage parents and students to volunteer their time and skills. 

The BFIS organizes help for Ukrainian families, and every year organizes Christmas drives for Children’s Hospital and other charity local organizations and vulnerable groups.

Welcoming new families

International schools often have many new families and students joining the school from different backgrounds and cultures, and it is essential to ensure that families feel welcomed and included in the school community. 

The BFIS PTA gives support to the schools during Orientation days and Open Houses and organizes the seminar for new families Making Barcelona and BFIS home, organizes tours around the city for new families to get to know Barcelona better, as well as other opportunities for new families to meet current families at the school. 


In conclusion, PTAs are an essential part of any school, including international schools. Their primary role is to promote effective communication between parents, teachers, and school leadership, build a supportive and inclusive community, and enhance the educational experience of students. 

In an international school setting, PTAs face unique challenges due to the diverse backgrounds and cultures of students and families. 

However, by facilitating communication, bringing the community together, providing resources and support, building school spirit, fostering community service, and welcoming new families, a strong and engaged PTA can help to create a positive and supportive learning environment that benefits all members of the school community.

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