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Activities for parents

At BFIS we want to offer parents opportunities to feel welcome, to integrate into the school community, meet other BFIS families, and make new friends. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year to collaborate with the school through the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA), which organizes many activities for parents on and off campus.

Additionally, for those who want to learn or improve their Spanish language skills,  BFIS offers weekly Spanish classes  at our campus with our partner DIME language school. Groups are organized by levels and have a lot of fun learning together.

Sometimes, BFIS parents organize  activities for other parents, such as running clubs, book clubs and others. Activities for parents may change from one year to another. 

International Food Fair
Spanish Language Classes

All levels of Spanish language courses are offered and designed by the DIME language school for BFIS parents who want to learn or improve their Spanish. Put the Spanish you learned in class into practice outside the classroom through guided visits and cultural classes. All students, including beginners and returning students, will need to take a level test to determine course placement.

Volunteer Parents

Parent volunteers offer a huge resource and support base for the school community while showing their kids the importance of participating in the larger community. Not only will the school reap the benefits of parent involvement — parents will, too. By interacting with teachers, administrators, and other parents on a regular basis, they will gain a firsthand understanding of students's daily activities. 

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