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After-school activities

After-school activities are a fun way to have new experiences, develop new talents, and build confidence and self-esteem. Students participating in after-school activities not only develop a different set of skills such as time management, teamwork, and dealing with new environments, but they also have the opportunity to explore various interests they may have, getting involved in something in which they may really excel and enjoy.  BFIS is focused on growing our offer of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) activities.

Music After- School Activities. Violin

A wide range of activities

Early Childhood after-school activities
Our activities for our youngest students focus on fine motor skills through various activities including art, sports, and music, allowing them to have fun, release energy, and learn different skills than during the school day. 
Elementary after-school activities
We offer a large range of competitive and non-competitive sports, arts, and academic activities. Students can join a sports team, learn coding skills, perform in a musical, and develop new interests while still on campus. 
Middle and High School after-school activities
In addition to our competitive Team Sports program focusing on volleyball, basketball, and soccer, students can participate in robotics competitions, high school musicals, and other academic and arts activities. 
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Activities for parents
BFIS offers Spanish language classes off campus for all interested families. 
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After-School Activities

Co-curricular activities

BFIS greatly values the importance of the arts and technology and the desire to expose as many of our students as possible to these subject areas. We now offer co-curricular activities run by BFIS teachers after-school. BFIS families will not need to pay for the weekly activities (although there may be other costs involved, for example in the case of travel to competitions). These activities include: 
musical theater


Check our Athletic page with information about Sport activities

Summer Programs

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After-School Activities