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BFIS Virtual Learning

Following the announcement by the Spanish Government, BFS will remain closed until further notice. We encourage you to read the latest school communications from the school for more details and to check this page regularly.


What Virtual Learning Looks Like at BFIS? 

Virtual Learning is more than just sending videos to students for them to watch or homework they need to submit. No, it is certainly much more than that. Following the BFIS strategic plan directions, some years ago, our school started to develop online teaching and learning platforms, implementing cutting-edge technology and a 1:1 computer program. When the Covid19 crisis hit the planet, BFIS was well prepared to move from the traditional classroom to virtual learning. In January 2020 our Senior Leadership Team anticipating what was about to come, began to plan the transition to online classes, providing intensive training for our teachers and implementing some new software to run virtual classes. Our first days of virtual learning were a bit bumpy but we are making appropriate changes as we are advancing with the program.

Obviously, a virtual school experience is very different for a student in Elementary School than it is for a Middle and High School Student. Our plan and framework takes into account different levels of independence and developmental levels. 

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We want to continue to remind everyone, that even though we are away from school, we need to honor our GDPR requirements and not take anyone's picture, share or forward any of the online videos of children or staff  without their permission.  It is hard to remember this in a digital environment when we are away from school, but we must still be follow the law as it relates to data protection.   

At BFIS we are committed to providing your child with a strong online education and communication with their teacher(s) and classmates. To do this effectively we are asking that you partner with us on keeping your child safe online.  The internet and online learning provide our children with lots of rich experiences, however, it also has its risks. 

Please continue reading this important information

Thank you for supporting your child in accessing Google Meets and for reminding students to follow our online learning expectations outlined here.

How to log in to Parent Portal

I forgot my password 


In this document below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions by parents regarding online learning, exams, schools re-opening, building project, etc. We will be updating this document weekly, so please don't forget to take a look at it from time to time. 

You're not alone here. Please, reach out to us. We are here to help you in any way we can. Some students and families are loving the new online platforms and the freedom it offers, and others may find it more challenging. This is normal and the experience will be different for all families depending on their personal circumstances.  You do not have to struggle. Please reach out to our team and let us help. Contact your student's teachers or our counselors. 

You or your child can schedule appointments with us at the following links: 

  • Kelli Sureck, EC and ES Counselor: email here
  • Brooke Fezler, Middle School Counselor: Book here
  • Anita Klein, Grade 9-10 Counselor and Wellbeing Coordinator: Book here
  • Rhonda Leshman, Grade 11-12 Counselor, College Counselor: Book here 

Here are resources you might find helpful:

Popular Apps:

Wellbeign Sessions


March 27th update IB and Covid19

May 2020 IB examinations will not longer be held - March 23rd IBO Press release

IB Statement on May 2020 IBDP Examinations - FAQ


EBOOks and audiobooks

The library is open for business! You can access our new collection of ebooks and audiobooks right now.

Click here for instructions on how to access Sora. so you can start borrowing books today.

A few points: 

  • Our initial collection has a few hundred books. If they get used, we’ll add more soon.
  • You can check out three books at a time.
  • You can place three holds at a time (be on the waiting list).
  • Checkout time is set to 21 days.

IMPORTANT: when you are finished with a book, please return it to the library manually. This way, other students will be able to read it without waiting.

Happy reading! Let me know if you have any issues or questions. 

Mr. Cevoli

PS: Watch this video about Sora


Cutting-edge literature and other media that can help keep students entertained. 

Top Picks for Middle School Students  

Top Picks for High School StudentsTo follow Miss Emma's Elementary Library activities, join her in SeeSaw! You'll see library activities posted there in your child's class which have been created by Miss Emma. Every class from Nursery to Grade 5 have been included in these SeeSaw activities. In Miss Emma's SeeSaw activities, there are also links to EPIC!, the online library platform, as well as other activities specially created by Miss Emma to support your child's work in reading and writing workshop.

Latest Updates from WHO

Latest Situation Reports worldwide

Covid19 Situation in Spain

Info Barcelona Covid 19

When to use a mask?

Ministerio de Sanidad Facebook Page






Your CAP (Centro de Asistencia Primaria- Primary Health Centers)  

n addition, the Barcelona City Council and the College of Psychology of Catalonia have launched a new telecare service to offer emotional support to residents.  The telephone number is 649 756 713 and the hours of operation are Monday to Sunday, from 9am to 8pm You can read more here