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BFIS students are educated to become lifelong learners and active, responsible citizens fully prepared to continue their studies anywhere in the world. Our graduates leave BFIS to attend the best colleges and universities all over the world.


Rhonda Leshman

College Counselor
Grades 11 and 12 Counselor
Eva-Gausa- Spanish-Technical-Director

Eva Gausa

Spanish Technical Director
Spanish Univ. Counselor
School Life/College Counseling

The College Counseling Program

Our College Counseling program is comprehensive, structured, and specifically designed to help our students be reflective, learn about their options, and successfully find an ideal ‘match’ in the college admission process in countries around the world. In fact, our students do apply to universities throughout Europe, UK, North America, Australia, and Asia.  Our counselors help our students navigate the process and stay on track, increasing their chances of getting into their top-choice college.

The career and college counseling process provides specialized guidance through individual student meetings, family meetings, class sessions, workshops, and visits from college admissions representatives. The College Counselor helps students to complete applications and craft personal statements and supplements.

graduation high school IB
graduation high school IB

College Guidance

Our students receive this guidance starting in Grade 9.  Each high school student is given a Cialfo account to access a state-of-the-art platform where they can learn about careers, complete learning style and multiple intelligence inventories, write their CV, research universities and more.

Our counselors’ knowledge can point students and parents in the right direction in the college process, facilitating learning about career and university options for both, students and families. From assessing personality traits and interests, finding colleges, informing about requirements, compiling transcripts and letters of recommendation, to sending supporting documents to universities, the counselor plays an important role in helping students and families make choices about future paths. 

Counseling- Spanish Universities

BFIS Spanish Universities Counselor will guide students and parents through the process of applying to public and private Spanish universities and obtaining the validation for the ESO Certificate (Enseñanza Secundaria Obligatoria) and Spanish Baccalaureate Certificate (Bachillerato Español).

The counselor runs numerous informative sessions about requirements and procedures, starting in grade 9 and up to grade 12 and also helps students to prepare for the Optional Phase of the Spanish Selectividad exams to increase their grades up to 4 more points. This exam is optional. The Spanish Technical Director provides the IB grades conversion to Spanish Selectividad grades.

Counseling- Colleges and Universities outside Spain

BFIS College Counselor will guide students and parents through the process of applying to universities outside Spain, in both hemispheres. The College Counselor empowers students through the process of selecting and applying to universities outside Spain and will assist with all applications, transcripts. and recommendation letters. Ideally, the students take responsibility for knowing about deadlines and requirements for all applications. 

School Life/College Counseling

College visits and fairs

Many universities and colleges from Spain and other countries visit BFIS during the school year, giving students and parents the opportunity to talk with recruiting officers and get first-hand information about applications, deadlines, entry requirements, etc. 

Our college counselors also provide students and families updated information on a weekly basis about information sessions that universities from all over the world are organizing online for international students. 

university fair
School Life/College Counseling

College visitors

How to schedule a visit

College admission representatives are welcome any time during the year. We are also happy to have multiple college visits at the same time on the same day. 

Non-Spanish universities: Please contact Ms. Rhonda Leshman to schedule a visit.

Spanish universities: Please contact Ms. Eva Gausa to schedule a visit

Traveling to BFIS

BFIS is located in the northern part of Barcelona, still in the heart of the city. From the airport it takes around 20-30 minutes to get to the school and costs between 35 and 40 euros. The entrance of the school is located at Passatge Torras i Bages 4, 08017 Barcelona. 

You can also take the bus from the airport to Plaça Catalunya and from there take the train (FGC) to Sarrià (nearest train station stop). From the station you have to walk approximately 10 minutes to get to the school. Total time from the airport to BFIS will take you approximately 1,5 or 2 hours. 

How to get to BFIS (public and private transport)

Arriving on campus

Please bring your ID or your passport with you since you will be asked to register at the school's security cabin. Our security personnel will give you a pass and call the person you are meeting with at BFIS, who will come to the gate to pick you up. 

BFIS School Profile

Check the BFIS School Profile 2023-2024 with information about BFIS, High School Division at a glances and IB Results

University Acceptances

BFIS Graduates receive offers of acceptance and merit schoolarshiphs from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

career conversations
School Life/College Counseling

Career Program

The career program is designed to align with activities carried out by students  in the classroom. Specifically, through exploring Holland codes which classifies careers and personality types, students learned what career fields match them. Counselors identify and invite speakers in different career areas to come to campus to speak live to our students about their professional journey. 

School Life/College Counseling

Super Curricular opportunities

BFIS College Counselor promotes enrichment programs in the summer, and super curricular opportunities for students to further academic interests or explore academic interests not covered with traditional academics offered at BFIS. As a result, students are cultivating their interests and preparing themselves to be strong university applicants.

Visiting universities