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Meeting students' needs

It is a particular aim of BFIS to best meet the diverse needs of our student population by creating a comprehensive strategy to optimize learning. To this end, there are several student services available to students depending on their need and age. Our counselors at Elementary, Middle and High School help students develop the understanding, strategies and skills that support a positive sense of self, promote respectful relationships, and build student capacity to recognize and manage their own emotions.

The BFIS Student Counseling program promotes learning and personal growth by offering a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and accessible counseling program for all members of the BFIS community. The School Counselors at BFIS use the International School Counseling Model as a guide for supporting students.

elementary counseling

The BFIS Counseling Program:

  • Supports the BFIS mission, vision, and values
  • Addresses social/emotional, global perspective and identity development, academic and career, personal/social needs, and nurtures global awareness; prepares students to apply to universities. 
  • Creates a safe and nurturing environment for all students
  • Is preventative in nature and developmentally appropriate
  • Follows the ISCA International Model developed by the International School Counseling Association

The Counselors at BFIS believe that students:

  • Should have access to the counselor
  • Should feel welcome, safe, cared for, and valued within the BFIS community
  • Can be successful at school when provided appropriate support specific to their individual needs
  • Are capable of change and growth

All BFIS Counselors:

  • Are available to collaborate with students, teachers, parents, school leaders and outside professionals
  • Implement programs to support the social/emotional, global perspective and identity development, academic and career development of all students as well as respond to arising needs and situations
  • Should have access to current resources and professional development

Social Emotional Counseling

Social/emotional counseling is available to all students to assist them in managing the normal developmental issues that arise at each age. The counselors support students to enhance self-awareness, manage their emotions and learn problem-solving skills. Students, staff, or parents may initiate short term individual counseling sessions. When appropriate, referrals may be made to appropriate community resources.

Social/emotional support is offered directly to students through classroom lessons, short- term individual and small group sessions and responsive services. Counselors also work with parents and teachers to support the social/emotional development of students through individual and group consultation, collaboration, communication and sharing of resources.

Counselors can support students with:


Academic Counseling

School counselors are advocates for students, a consultant to families and educators, and a collaborator to promote equity and access for all students. The school counseling program is connected to the BFIS academic mission and school strategic plan. Counselors, teachers and parents will work together to support and encourage all students in reaching their full potential.

School counselors help every student gain access to rigorous academic preparation that will lead to greater opportunity and increased academic achievement. 

Through curriculum, individual or small group support, counselors work with students to develop their: