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Enrichment and Differentiation Program

At BFIS, we believe in success for all students and are committed to providing what students need to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

Miranda Cryns

Enrichment and Differentiation Coordinator

Student's potential

The Enrichment and Differentiation Program at BFIS provides enriched learning to students by offering a broad range of challenging learning experiences of their interest and in line with the school curriculum. Every student’s education should take full advantage of all the students’ potential (academic and non-academic), passions and foundational system that would provide an enriched and differentiated curriculum for all students. 


BFIS is committed to create environments of empowerment that focus on student agency and ownership. We will continue to inspire possibilities, support students in recognizing their potential and guide them in the pursuit of their passions.

Middle School Enrichment
Enrichment Program

Independent Projects

An Independent Project (IP) is a student-centered, inquiry-based learning experience that allows students to initiate, manage and direct their own investigation in an area of personal interest.  Students work independently under the supervision of the Enrichment and Differentiation (ED) Coordinator and an internal or external mentor if they would like.   The student and the Enrichment Coordinator will agree on the scope of the project and on assessment and evaluation.  

Enrichment and Differentiation Support


BFIS provides internal and external mentors to provide expert guidance to the student through his/her  journey when developing independent projects or building on a skills that the student would like to develop further.

Instructional Coaching

The ED Coordinator provides ongoing professional guidance to school staff with the design and implementation of a differentiated curriculum that supports inquiry and project-based learning practices.

One-on-One Coaching

The ED Coordinator also provides one-on-one coaching sessions for students who are interested in developing their intellectual potential, personal efficacy, and psychosocial and social-emotional skill development. Theme coaching sessions can include managing academic perfectionism, asynchronous development, growing leadership skills, developing grit, and building towards self-actualization.

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