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Field Trips

At BFIS, field trips are recognized as important moments in learning and they are essential to our philosophy linking learning to the real world.  We believe field trips foster and develop curiosity, responsibility and a sense of community and they are an incredible opportunity for students to encounter and explore novel things in an authentic setting.

Living and studying in Barcelona is a great advantage for our students. The city is full of impressive buildings and parks, breathtaking museums, fascinating historic neighborhoods and some of the most advanced technology centers in Europe. Our central location gives us easy access to many interesting places that also broaden our students experience. Mountains, lakes, beaches, nature reserves, national parks, ski resorts, etc.  offer the opportunity to enjoy nature and adventure so close to home. 

All of our field trips are carefully planned and organized in order to provide a meaningful  and personal learning experience for our students. 

Local Field Trips

Throughout the year BFIS organizes numerous trips and excursions in the city of Barcelona and surroundings. Taking advantage of the great cultural offer of Barcelona, there are numerous visits to art, history and science museums; to theaters, or to the music auditorium, as well as field trips to nearby towns and villages that allow students to learn and understand the Spanish and Catalan culture, as well as its history. Barcelona is a city where many scientific, cultural, technological or artistic events take place throughout the year, which are a great opportunity for our students to have direct contact with the real world and with the most avant-garde trends in those different fields. 





International Field Trips

As an international school BFIS believes it is important for our students to have meaningful and authentic experiences abroad which is tied to our rich multicultural curriculum. Our central location makes traveling to other countries in Europe easy and affordable. Students who travel become more aware of global issues and different cultures, and really changes student's whole perspective, with an appreciation of culture and a completely different world view. 

Many of our students travel to different cities and countries to participate in competitions (International Math Competition, Debate Club, Model United Nations, etc.), as part of the curriculum (World Languages, Theater), or to take community service to a broader level (Habitat for Humanity trips to Ghana, Senegal, Nepal or Thailand)

Overnight Field Trips or Colonias

Overnight Field Trips take place once a year. For the little ones (Kinder- Grade 3) these trips are planned in April with one night or two nights away. For older students the overnight field trips take place early in October (two nights away) giving students the opportunity to establish new friendship bonds at the beginning of the school year. These field trips are a welcome break in routine. Cultural and sport activities, games and tournaments are scheduled throughout the day. It is an incredible and fun opportunity for students to know each other better, get out of their comfort zone, and have some great learning experiences outside their routine.

During these field trips students are always under the supervision of several faculty members, who ensure the overall well-being of each individual student.

Leisure Field Trips

These field trips are organized by students organizations such as The Student Council to celebrate student's accomplisments and successes. Examples of these field trips are the 8th grade trip to Mallorca or a day at the beach for House Point winners.