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PE Uniforms


BFIS does not have a PE uniform anymore but families can purchase BFIS BFIS sports and Spirit wear through our provider’s online store PlayerLayer. PlayerLayer is a high quality experienced sports brand that supplies multiple universities, International schools and clubs in Europe.  BFIS selected PlayerLayer out of the UK for various reasons, but mainly because they strongly believe in making sports gear more environmentally friendly while having a great quality and design. They were responsible for designing the kits for the Forest Green Rovers, who have been recognized by the UN, FIFA and UEFA as the world’s greenest football club.The current material for all of the team shirts is 50% bamboo, they are working hard on new fabrics to get that to 100%, and the volleyball leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles.


Click in the image below and it will take you directly to the BFIS-PlayerLayer website. 


There is a size-guide and a FAQ section on the PlayerLayer website to help you choose the right size for your child. 





PE Uniforms with BFIS logo are not longer mandatory.  However, please note that  all ES, MS and HS students are expected to wear appropriate PE clothing as described in the students handbooks.

Early Childhood and Elementary School Clothing

  • White long sleeve T-Shirt or (you can order T-shirt with BFIS logo at the online store)
  • White short sleeve T-shirt (you can order T-shirt with BFIS logo at the online store)
  • Sport shorts
  • Sweat top and sweat pant (you can order the top and pant with BFIS logo or/and the Spirit model at the PE uniforms online store)
  • Tennis shoes or similar
  • All students must wear  clothing and footwear that conform to PE requirements in order to participate in PE classes.

Middle and High School Clothing

  • T-Shirt
    Acceptable: plain white or gray crewneck t-shirt with short or long sleeves
    Not Acceptable: any non-grey or white t-shirt (including v-neck and tank top) or any t-shirt that contains images or writing
  • Sport shorts
    Acceptable: plain, navy blue or gray shorts of modest length
    Not Acceptable: any other color shorts, extremely short shorts, jeans, skirts, bathing suits, or non-athletic pants or shorts
  • Socks
    Acceptable: white or black athletic socks of any length
    Not Acceptable: colored socks or not wearing any socks
  • Shoes
    Acceptable: athletic shoes for movement that are able to be tied or secured (shoes w/shoelaces or velcro)
    Not acceptable: shoes w/out laces (slippers, VANS slip-on, flats, dance shoes, sandals, boots, etc.) or any other type of shoe deemed unsafe by the PE teacher
  • Sweat top and sweat pant (for cold days)
    Preferred: BFIS PE Uniform sweats but must wear PE shirt and shorts under sweats ( available at the Shortcut webpage on the right hand side of this page)
    Acceptable: plain, navy blue or grey crewneck sweatshirt and/or sweat pants
    Not Acceptable: any other color sweatshirt and/or sweat pants. No outerwear such as sweaters or coats will be allowed during PE activity

Middle and High School students not wearing their PE clothing will not be allowed into PE classes (these instances will count towards the total number of PE absences)


Families can purchase BFIS PE Sweat Tops and Sweat Pants as well as plain white T-Shirts online through our provider’s online store A link to the online store is available here below.
You can choose your order to be shipped directly to your home address in less than 10 days or either to be delivered at the school with no transportation charges. The Business Office will call you to pick up your package.
You can see all the different sizes and PE clothing that is displayed on the first floor of the BFIS Main Building (Elementary campus).