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Schedule 2020-2021

A common schedule among international schools 


The main priorities of this planning included:

  • Equal or more dedicated time for core classes (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Spanish).
  • More choice and options for students in relation to elective courses.
  • Longer periods and less class changes in order to have the ability to teach and consolidate learning. Time used for class changes is incorporated within the instructional time.
  • Fewer homework assignments since study load will drop from six to four classes daily.
  • A dedicated time for students to participate in meaningful Advisory and Character Education.
  • More equity between ESO and SFL programs for students
  • Smaller and more manageable size classes for PE.
  • Less Zero Periods for IBDP Students preventing them from coming into school early.
  • Embedded time for teacher collaboration.

There were many logistical aspects to consider as well including:

  • The possibility to start school for all divisions at the same time.
  • According to Spanish law, the amount of hours teachers could legally teach and/or supervise in the run of a day, week, year.
  • The amount of hours students should be in school.
  • The amount of time teachers could collectively plan together.
  • Traffic flow around BFIS.
  • Bussing with our external provider.