School Life


We believe students learn best when they feel safe, connected and included through student-driven interactive experiences which foster a sense of belonging. Through our Advisory Program students will model our BFIS Core Values through their actions, develop social emotional skills, nurture a love of learning and culture of scholarship, and build trusting relationships and a strong community.

Advisory Program

Advisory Program

In Elementary School the teachers do morning meetings  with their students. It is an engaging way to start each day and build a strong sense of community. Each morning, the class gathers together in a circle and interact with one another to greet one another, share information about important events in their lives, participate in an activity that fosters group connection, read and listen to important school messages, etc.

In Secondary School, students meet once a week with their group Advisor and take the lead discussing events and important messages, sharing concerns and hopes, planning activities, or putting their heads together to offer each other advice or insight.  

Advisory Program

Our goals

  • Help students adjust to a new school environment and/or the expectations of each grade.
  • Build community among students and faculty to encourage a sense of belonging and respect.
  • Provide support and guidance.
  • Support social and emotional growth and development.

Sample Advisory Activities

Group Discussions
The Advisory program at BFIS will often use meeting time to discuss a specific article, video, or current event and the manner in which it relates to students’ lives. Students can also express and share personal feelings and/or within a safety and caring environment.

School News and Updates
Advisors keep students informed about important BFIS news and events.

Friendly Competitions and Fun
Students and their advisors occasionally get together to create games and competitions, do community service, or share a meal.