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Senior Class 2020

BFIS is known for its mission of engaging its diverse school community in the pursuit of educational excellence and success for all students. 

The Class of 2020 took great advantage of the many opportunities offered to them to succeed and build their character becoming a well educated and contributing members of our society. We are proud of them and wish them all the best in their new life adventures. 

Grade 12 by numbers

graduation ceremony 

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senior superlatives

Senior Superlatives 2020

Sophia Agosta 

Most likely to have an epitaph reading "submitted late" and become a human rights lawyer

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Mohammad Alsaadi

Most likely to open a bocadillo shop and eat through the daily supply

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Jaume Aragall

Most likely to ask "Do I?" at his own wedding

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Collin Arts

Most likely to graduate from college without needing to look up from his phone

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Laia Arvio

Most likely to gracefully dance around deadlines

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Andrea Aznar

Most likely to be found in Menorca...doing a photoshoot

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Josefine Bak

Most likely to invent a formula for eating and sleeping at the same time

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Lorena Barrera

Most likely to have designed the clothes in Luna's shop

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Marcos Benito

Most likely to be responsible for not allowing the rapper XXXTentacion to ever be forgotten

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Maria Blanco

Most likely to be the young woman who appreciates colour co-ordination is next to godliness

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Nicole Borrell

Most likely to be an influencer and model

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Claudia Borrell

Most likely to have flawless skin at 90

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Alizée Bourdin

Most likely to argue 7 different sides of an issue without a single smile

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Theo Brent

Most likely to randomly challenge you to a push up contest

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Sara Broggi

Most likely to to be arrested for having a guilty look on her face

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Jana Cervantes 

Most likely to to dance cheerfully into the future

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Franco Consoli

Most likely to switch from "adolescent horsing around with friends" mode into "polite talking to adults" mode in the blink of an eye

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Massimo Conti

Most likely to move to Japan and join an illegal street racing team

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Julen Cruijff

Most likely to accidentally present something inappropriate at a business meeting

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Louis de Vanssay

Most likely to set up his own women's support group while being a GQ model with an impressive bloodline

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Ivo Dufief

Most likely to sell a fridge to an eskimo because of his smile

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Emma Evetovits

Most likely to actually understand obscure Ukrainian Polish literature

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Carlos Godó 

Most likely to have loads of fun while running negotiations and being better than Paul

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Paul Gost

Most likely to think he can get away with it because of his charm and being better than Carlos

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Sara Gronningen

Most likely to gain a reputation for being quiet but a force to be reckoned with

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Conor Hoy

Most likely to become a Democratic US senator from Boston with a dashing smile and killer haircut

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Marc Levit

Most likely to become a politician and being better than Carlos and Paul

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Hellen Liu

Most likely to ask aaaaaall the questions and produce beautiful art

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Alizée Mac Conuladh

Most likely to win a BAFTA...and not bother to show up to the ceremony

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Magali Macori

Most likely to become the best veterinarian ever while running a gossip magazine

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Amit Mandel

Most likely to rise through the ranks of the Israeli Air Force, whilst casually completing a few degrees in his spare time

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Pablo Martínez

Most likely to show up 30 minutes late just to ask if he can go get some water and return with fruit

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Eleanor Maza

Most likely to own a vintage clothing store but only open it sometimes

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Marc Navarro

Most likely to juggle a football off into the sunset

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Carl Negrescu

Most likely to win the bmx race using a racing car

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Noah Neufeld

Most likely to build a BMX course in his backyard

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Luna Olivé

Most likely to to smile her way to success

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Andreu Paddack

Most likely to lead Catalonia in its fight for independence...and succeed

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Sergio Palou

Most likely to to continue to have excellent attendance but sleep through most classes ... unless he is flicking things across the room

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Bruno Puignou

Most likely to answer a call from Glovo at the most inappropriate time

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Mateo Rodés

Most likely to laugh randomly and with absolutely no context

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Javier Rodríguez

Most likely to be better at golf by hitting fewer spectators

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Martina Salvano

Most likely to ask to redo every assignment until she gets a full score

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Ali Sassi

Most likely to become the richest man on the planet.... or so he would like to think

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Isabel Schüberg

Most likely to wear the most incredible studded boots

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Tara Shankar

Most likely to be awarded Miss Chatterbox 2020

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Alex Smith

Most likely to be called the magnificent hugger after he decides to challenge the Guiness record of hugging everything

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Rae Sustana

Most likely to arrive late, but fierce and dressed to kill

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Kosei Takahashi

Most likely to break out into laughter at the most inappropriate times for the rest of his life

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Tom Thackwray

Most likely to write a sonnet for the teacher instead of turning in an actual exam

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Enzo Tortelli

Most likely to deny he passed the diploma because he does not trust IB

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Mila Traveria

Most likely to run an NGO with fierce energy, although sometimes absent or tardy

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Lidya Ucer

Most likely to become a doctor I would actually book an appointment with

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Mateo Visa

Most likely to look like he is smiling and crying at the same time

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Zoe Wallace

Most likely to diligently work and critically-think her way out of any paper bag she got stuck in

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Noah Wuebker

Most likely to have girls fighting over him

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Ruth Wuebker

Most likely to quietly solve one of the worlds worst problems while nobody's watching

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Through the years

university acceptances

Universities where students will matriculate are indicated in blue. Number in parenthesis indicates multiple acceptances

United States of America and Canada


University of Toronto (3 )

McGill University

University of British Columbia Okanagan

University of British Columbia

Simon Fraser University

Ryerson University

University of Guelph



American University

Boston College

Fordham University (2)

George Washington University (2)

Miami University

Northeastern University (2, 1 attending)

San Diego State University

The. New School (Eugene Lang)

University of California, Davis

University of Denver

University of Miami

University of Montana

University of San Francisco

University of Vermont

Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Vassar College

Wellesley College

Wesleyan University


United Kingdom

Bath Spa University

Bornemouth University

Bristol, UWE

Brunel University London

King's College London (7)

Lancaster University (2)

Leeds Beckett University

Liverpool John Moores University

Regent's University (2)

Shefield Hallam University

SOAS University of London (2, 1 attending )

Solvent University

St.Mary's University Twickenham (3)

University of Aberdeen

UCL University College London (2)

University for the Creative Arts

University of Bath (3)

University of Birmingham

University of Brighton (3)

University of Bristol (7 acceptances, 1 is attending)

University of Cardiff (2)

University of Dundee (medicine)

University of Edinburgh (2)

University of Exeter (7 acceptances, 2 are attending)

University of Glasgow (2)

University of Greenwich (4, 1 is attending)

University of Leeds (7)

University of Loughborough (3)

University of Manchester (3)

University of Nottingham (4)

University of Roehampton London

University of Sheffield

University of St. Andrews (2)

University of Surrey (2)

University of Sussex (7)

University of Warwick (11, 4 attending)

University of Westminster (3, 1 attending)

UWE Bristol

York St.John University


Leiden University

Tilburg University

University of Groningen

University of Amsterdam

Vrije University


Esade (8

La Salle (3)

Universidad International Catalunya, Barcelona (2)

Instituto de Empresa, Madrid 

Universidad de Barcelona 

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona 

Sant Pablo CEU, Valencia

Other countries

ESSEC Business School, France

University College Dublin​, Ireland

Bocconi University, Italy

Marangoni Institute of Design, Italy

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (2)​, Switzerland