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Senior Class of 2021

BFIS is known for its mission of engaging its diverse school community in the pursuit of educational excellence and success for all students. 

The Class of 2021 took great advantage of the many opportunities offered to them to succeed and build their character becoming a well educated and contributing members of our society. We are proud of them and wish them all the best in their new life adventures. Congratulations Class of 2021! You made it! 

Grade 12 by numbers

graduation ceremony 

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Teachers' video to THE CLASS OF 2021

BFIS Faculty to the Class of 2021


senior superlatives

Senior Superlatives 2021

Laura Aguilar

Most likely to be mistaken for TikTok sensation Charli D´Amelio

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Sara Al Awam

Most likely to win at Jeopardy

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Sofía Albareda

Most likely to open her own art gallery

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Tomás Albiol

Least likely to offend anyone

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Dias Bazhanov

Most likely to write an anthology on all things Soviet-related

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Irina Beliakova

Most likely to fly under the radar and really make a difference to someone's life

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Margaux Billard 

Most likely to do all the work and take none of the credit

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Kim Bordas 

Most likely to find a way to pass his university exams from his bed

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Patricia Borrell

Most likely to achieve tremendous success while embodying Frank Sinatra´s "I did it my way!"

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Claudia Briales

Most likely to be your local CAP physician

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Sweeney Cosgrove

Most likely to have a modeling contract on the shores of Bali

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Ariadna Dávila

Most likely to forget to write her name and candidate number on most of her May IB exams

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Joaquín de Tord

Most likely to to own his investment company and ensure equal pay for women

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Olivier Deldicque

Most likely to work at the US Consulate, send his kids to BFIS, and make Tik-Toks about their experience

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Gaia Dolfi

Most likely to design your next home

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Rubi Dugan

Most likely to see a Harry Potter shape in the clouds

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Blanca Fainé

Most likely to become the CEO of a company and the main star in Olivier´s TikToks

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Jan Font

Most likely to miss his own wedding because Barça is playing

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Daniela Gallardo

Most likely to use foul language at board meetings

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Nora Godó

Least likely to protest substandard accommodations

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Dannica Gordon

Most likely to win a Tony award

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Thomas Jackson

Most likely to arrive In Scotland and become the king of golf

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Amir Mansour Kalantari

Most likely to become the editor of Rolling Stone Magazine

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Siena Kruimer

Least likely to ever read an email from Mr. Littlewood

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Giovanna Lisuardi

Most likely to sell water to a fish

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Yizheng Lu

Most likely to stay patient while people mispronounce and misspell her name

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Noah Mac Conuladh

Most likely to propose to order chicken nuggets at a fancy restaurant

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Sasha Machta

Most likely to manage an underrated football club to the Champions League Final through his devised version of SABRmetrics

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Gabriela Martínez

Most likely to be discovered by a modeling agency while vacationing in St. Tropez

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David Mitrani

Most likely to procrastinate a checkmate!

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Chloé Mossberg

Most to rule the world while respecting every nations sovereignty

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Emre Narin

To be lazy, or not be- That is the question

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Noemi Nieto

Most likely to make other people listen

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Lukas Nordström-Spendrup

Most likely to "fly under the radar" and then become a superhero

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Mark Nordström-Spendrup

Most likely to hand in all of his university assignments at least a month early

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Ausias Obradors

Most likely to 

Least likely to avoid ARS

Beatriz Shanti Pallás

Most likely to make everyone around feel safe and loved

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Alejandra Palou

Most likely to apologize for disturbing a teacher when asking for help

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Blanca Piferrer

Most likely to be the CEO of her sister´s cosmetic brand

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Carla Piferrer

Most likely to open to her own cosmetic brand

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Jonathan Pilnick

Most likely to become the next Bill Gates

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Bruno Portabella

Most likely to act as the Lion King

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Oskar Postmyr-Barclay

Most likely to continue to pleasantly surprise everyone

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Sarah Pumares

Most likely to marry Shawn Mendes

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Natalia Rallo

Most likely to be far more successful than she knows

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Teo Rosales

Most likely to take his time and consider all options

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Martina Segarra

Most likely to grace the cover of Spanish Vogue

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Manuel Solano

Most likely to be elected Prime Minster of Spain in 2045

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Rina Sulit

Most likely to join too many clubs in college

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Quincy Tilles

Most likely to win an Oscar for Best Film Score

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Oscar Tluszcz

Most likely to be in a GQ magazine

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Ana Torres

Most likely to rule the world without anyone knowing

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María Torres

Most likely to rule the world while impersonating her twin

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Hagai Tvizer

Most likely to provide most of the musical entertainment at his mechina

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Victor van den Brand

Most likely to take the Sainte Dévote curve in style

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Mateo Veljanovich

Most likely to work in Manu´s Spanish cabinet in 2045

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Marina Villas

Most likely to speed up global warning with her smile

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Emma Whiteside

Most likely to become rich by selling her quirkiness in a bottle

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university acceptances

Universities where students will matriculate are indicated in blue. Number in parenthesis indicates multiple acceptances

United States of America and Canada


University of British Columbia (1) (3)

Ryerson University

St. Francis Xavier University

University of Alberta

University of Guelph

University of Waterloo

Western University



American University

Bentley University (2)

Boston University

California State Univ. San Bernardino

Cleveland Institute of Music

Creighton University

Drew University

Drexel University

Evergreen State University

Fordham University

Georgetown University

Indiana University (Jacobs School of Music)

Linfield University

Muhlenberg College

New York University

Northeastern University (1) (2)

Portland State University

SCAD (Savannah College orf Art and Design)

The New School (Eugene Lang)

Trinity College (CT)

University of California Berkeley (2)

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

University of Colorado

University of Missouri

University of Puget Sound

University of San Francisco

Villanova University


United Kingdom

Bristol University (2)

Brunel University

City University London (1) (3)

Coventry University

De Montfort University

Durham University (2)

Essex University

Exeter University

King's College London (3)

Lancaster University

London School of Economics

Oxford Brookes University

Queen Mary - University of London (1) (5)

Royal Holloway - University of London (3)

SOAS University

UCL (2)

University of St. Andrews (2)

University of Bath (4)

University of Birmingham (2)

University of Bristol

University of Edinburgh 

University of Glasgow (1) (2)

University of Leeds (2)

University of Manchester (2)

University of Southampton

University of Stirling (1) (2)

University of Sussex (Foundation Year)

University of Warwick (3)

University of West London



Leiden University

Maastricht University

Tilburg University (4)

University of Amsterdam (2)

University of Groningen

University of Twente

Utrecht University

Vrije University of Amsterdam



Esade (11)

IE (5)



University of Navarra (2)

LaSalle (2)

Sant Pablo Ceu

Other countries

American University of Paris, France

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

International University of Monaco

Franklin University, Switzerland

Sciences Po Le Havre, France

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

University of Tokyo, Japan

New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE