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Service Learning

Exploring creative solutions to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Meaningful impact

Through the Service Learning program, the students will gain deeper knowledge and understanding about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. They will work in teams, take initiative to solve problems as well as develop a sense of caring about others by leading projects that will have a positive and meaningful impact on the local and global community. 

Through Service Learning projects led during MS and G9 advisory, students will learn to understand and respect the similarities and differences between a range of individuals, as well as understand the impact of their choices and actions while carrying out experiential learning experiences.

Service Learning CAS
Service Learning

Teaching compassion

Compassion education is embedded in students’ everyday life at BFIS. Educators develop compassion in our students by intentionally  selecting character-based lessons and activities that teach them to recognize and express appreciation for others, put others’ needs before their own, listen and provide sympathy, show kindness without expecting rewards, share, and recognize and help those less fortunate than themselves.

Some Learning Service Opportunities


BFIS is committed to create a sustainable partnership with local associations and NGO’s such as: 

Learning Service in Elementary

Service learning begins at home. You can offer them books or articles about empathy, encourage them to write letters of appreciation, get the family involved in a community service project. etc. 


At school, students work in teams and with the guidance of faculty and older students, they take on projects designed to improve the school community. Projects include helping younger students to read, recycling, landscaping and painting and participating in the BFIS Buddy Program during the summer and at the beginning of the school year.

Learning Service in Middle and High School

Learning service is an important part of the Middle and Upper School experience. It aims to enrich students’ educational experience, strengthen their rights and responsibilities towards communities and facilitate their passage from High School to the IB CAS program. The Community Service Program provides a framework of experiential learning that enables students to explore their rights and responsibilities within and between the different communities, and develop and consolidate different core personal and social skills, attitudes and knowledge in order to be effective and active citizens of the world. The program has been growing for the past 5 years, and now it has reached a new level of commitment where students are very proactive, proposing and requesting activities to get involved in. 

C.A.S Program

Visit the Creativity, Action, Service Program section to learn more about activities carried out by BFIS students in this three strands during the IBDP