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At BFIS the wellbeing of each and every student is valued and supported. We aim to cultivate the best in individuals and educate our students to capitalise upon their human resources helping them to grow into well rounded and contributing members of society. Developing wellbeing means supporting the whole child, not only an academic achievement, but cognitive, social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Growing evidence shows that student wellbeing is an integral part of student success. Elevating student happiness and wellbeing is at the core of our mission to provide the very best 21st Century education.

Our well-being program throughout the whole school is based on the following:

Physical Health

In addition to having a balanced PE curriculum our students learn to recognise the positive impact exercise has on wellbeing. They identify the benefits being active have on health. We provide learning opportunities for our students to understand the importance of eating healthily and how a balanced diet affects growth and development.

Mental Health

Helping students make the most of their education is important to us. Providing social and emotional care for our students is an integral part of school. Implementing mindfulness practices to all students provides life tools that help students connect better with themselves and those around them. Mental Health is promoted by providing safe spaces for our students and opportunities to work together in class, honest discussions in groups on mental health issues, one to one sessions with our counsellors and projects during our wellbeing lessons.

Positive Relationships

We are dedicated to supporting our students as they develop socially and  emotionally. Attention is given to group dynamics and finding ways to help our students act with kindness and empathy towards each other. Building bridges between friends and family is one of our character building themes and essential to creating positive relationships.

The World (Living sustainably)

Being responsible and taking action for our environment is an integral part of our wellbeing program. Helping the students to feel connected to our planet and passionate to find solutions that positively impact the environment are developed in projects and class.


Helping students to connect with themselves and the world around them is essential. During our wellbeing program students are provided with opportunities to openly discuss their beliefs. We aim to find the similarities in religions and respect all faiths. Integrity and values are brought in through our character themes, activities and assemblies.

Meaning and purpose

Through community service activities our students are given many opportunities to help others. As part of our MHS yearly requirements all students complete a variety of community service responsibilities. These include helping out with school events, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, home for the elderly, children’s hospital etc.


 Well-being Middle and High School

All MHS students are provided with an up to date well-being program that covers physical health, mental health, positive relationships, nutrition, first aid, meaning and purpose, environment, sexuality and spirituality.We aim to build connections, empathy and self awareness through our monthly character themes. These themes are integrated within class time, assemblies, community service and events.

Well-being Elementary School

Each month we include themes that help develop the wellbeing of our students and community. For example, one of the themes is Acts of Kindness. This theme is taken into class activities and our students are given opportunities to develop kindness and empathy.


We will be implementing a whole school mindfulness program. Research finds that mindfulness practice can decrease stress and anxiety, increase attention,  improves interpersonal relationships, strengthens compassion and confers a host of other benefits.


Well-being days

We offer a Wellbeing day for all students that develops and builds on our character themes. Within these days we offer guest speakers, team building activities and provide students with the opportunities to grow empathy and kindness towards each other.