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Science Fair 2019

Friday, April 26, 2019

The 2019 science fair was a great success. Students imparted their new scientific knowledge on a range of topics from microwave ovens to robotic arms and lava lamps to hoverboards. Grade eight students celebrated the climax of their rocket projects with a launch competition, rockets escaped the earth's gravitation field to reach heights of over 50m+. What great day of discovery for everyone.

Congratulations to everyone who made our annual science fair such a great success.

Science Fair Winners

MS Model

How does a microwave oven work? Megan Hiller and Berta Novel

MS Experiment

How I swim so damm fast!: Sebastian Monk

MS Engineering

Matias Alvarez: Future with an H

Ines Fons: Motion Sensor


HS Model: 

Lilypad: Ines Planes, Andrea Lafuente.

HS Experiment: 

Biodegrading in your Kitchen

Annabelle Conti

HS Engineering: 

Controlling an arm with a joystick. Ambrose Neufeld and Taki Thompson